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  1. @PsyCLown I'm not in to much of a rush as my plants are still in the seedling stages so I've probably got a month or so before I'dike to ramp up the power/lighting on them. I'm based in kzn
  2. Sooooo with the info above, what kinda lighting would you guys recommend for my grow area? I'm no millionaire so I'd need to stick to entry level stuff preferably LED units due to power consumption. As it is I have a few marine tanks that help add a few extra Rands to my electricity bill.
  3. @PsyCLown appreciate your info. As mentioned I'm pretty green to the whole indoor growing thing and still trying to figure out if I'm in this for the long term hence I'm trying to do it cheap and nasty but in saying so I have spent decent money and some good strains. Guys I'm going to have to go balls to the wall and pull out a few more penny's to add to my grow room. Appreciate all the advice 👌🏻😎
  4. Can always add more if needed, Im not aiming to have all 6 plants in bloom at the same time.
  5. They just some cheap Chinese stuff of wish.
  6. Area I'm working with is about 1.2m wide x 2.5m long by 1.5m high. I don't want the plants go grow massive so I will be doing some training and trimming to get the box shape. I'd really like them to flower quite heavily due to the space I have to work with.
  7. Hello Everyone. OK so I'm new to this growing game and am just starting out. I'm growing indoors and currently have 1 X 300w led flood light (6500k) and am. Growing 2x Pots. My plants are still seedlings but seem to be doing well and I can see growth daily. I won't be growing to many plants at once, max 6 plants in the room at one time, my space dosent allow for more or maybe it will? I'm yet to establish this. My Question here is I have just ordared 2x 1200w full spectrum led units, will these 2 units including my current 300w unit be enough to grow 6 plants or am I going to be under gunned? My grow room is wrapped in reflective material (space blankets), got good ventilation etc. Current strain growing is BLUE DREAM
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