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  1. Hi LukeS, Thanks for the response. I did do a wash.. I used three buckets. 1 with some baking soda and lemon juice.. next two buckets just clean water. I had a PM scare during mid to late flower. I spruced with some milk and water, then with some baking soda and soap, that seemed to work. I did notice that after I spruced the milk and possible soap seemed to leave some white marks on the leafs.. It wasn't like Mildew (I HOPE). Thanks, ZP
  2. Hey, Happy to be on 420SA. I'm new to growing.. although I don't see myself ever stopping. It literally grows on trees!! haha 😁 I'm growing in a 1m x1m x 1,6m tent with a 600w LED (KingLED) My first plant grown and recently harvested is Double Glock (100% Indica) So I ask, please smoke, read my words below, look at my pictures and let me know what's up, First of all... my trichomes. Did i harvest too early?? (see pic) I started seeing the tips of some of the trichomes going amber, so I harvested 🤔 Plant wasn't topped.. so I kinder gave her a good bend down the main stem. Was this a good idea? I'm topping my next plant for sure. I did a fairly mild lollipop trim.. I think this helped my yield??. The flowers further down the branches would have been in the 'shade'. During early flower I was defoliating quite a bit... should i defoliate during flowering at all? How high above the plant should I have my 600W LED? I'm nervous I hurt my plant if it's too close... i was pretty cautious. I have a few more questions.. like a 100 or so, haha 🐒 but this is a start.. Peace. ZP
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