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  1. @TheUltimateNoob Thanks for the response I did receive an email from them asking if I have anyone in the state.
  2. @Ill_Evan Thanks for the advice ✌🏿
  3. @Stinger96 Another bitch trying to act wise and woke
  4. @Totemic Am not your trucking brother if you know you can’t afford it while just keep fucking quit don’t speak for people you are acting like a bitch.
  5. @Totemic Stop being fucking jealous tell me where u at ? or come to Meyersdal JHB am willing to prove to you. Stop acting woke you fool.
  6. @Bakstein420 thanks the reason I bought this was because I heard it’s really a nice grow light, if not for me loosing my job last month I won’t be here going back and forth with two fools acting like they know me.
  7. @Ill_EvanYou are really dumb English is not my first language as long you can read and understand have a good day.
  8. @Ill_Evani got 2 am selling one like don’t you get? Or you just tripping? Find me a buyer I will give you my used grow light and tent.
  9. @ORGANinc.sorry for insulting you, am not taking in personal, Have you heard the term quality over quantity? I started growing last year. I bought two New black dog before the lockdown hoping to start a new grow but things went bad for me and trying to sell all the new stuff I bought. Please visit their website try to know more about their grow light.
  10. @ORGANinc. what is funny? if you really don’t want to buy don’t comment rubbish I know how much I bought this and I know how much I paid for shipping from the State so stop acting dumb
  11. New PhytoMAX-2 200 LED Grow Lights for sale.
  12. Please I do need help I ordered seeds from greenpointseedsbanks overseas they cannot ship due to usps. Is FEdex safe for me to use?. thanks
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