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    Talk and attitude is cheap. Run seed to harvest grow. Run a thread. Show week by week how your lights are legit and for the price better than the rest. Repeat it next grow. Include a few random testers. I mean someone who is random. Someone who has a proven track record. Not your buddy. Then speak to the owner of the forum. Discuss how youd like to really be a proud service provider to a long before the law changed group of people and help kickstart South Africa into world class Cannabis supply status, instead of trying to make a quick buck. #JustSaying
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    Howzit guys Just launched our online store! Right now we're only selling organic growing supplies but will be expanding our options in the near future with apparel and paraphernalia. Hope you guys like. Feedback welcome. https://store.420sa.co.za/
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    Fuck those buds are small. I sure hope those aren't yours and you're still trying to prove a point. Your hard ass attitude of knowing what the fok is up doesn't make my cock rise in the morning. Give constructive advice rather than be a lil nai putting down everything that isn't your cup a tea. Sent from my G3312 using Tapatalk
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    bro, i stopped reading your ramblings when you started with your insults and your laughable and condescending buntu education line, im just here for entertainment value. this isn't a commercial forum, even if there were commercial growers here they sure as fuck wouldn't tell you, so your claims to fame mean jack.
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    Led ppl are so tightly wound... Maybe its all the blue light Sent from my ANE-LX2 using Tapatalk
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    3500 for 50w, better be pretty frikken efficient to make up for that surprise buttsex. cree 3590's are around 600 from rs components (notoriously overpriced) https://za.rs-online.com/web/p/cob-leds/8847387/?cm_mmc=ZA-PPC-DS3A-_-google-_-DSA_ZA_EN_Displays_Optoelectronics-_-[Adgroup]-_-[searchterm]&matchtype=b&dsa-614702590755&gclid=Cj0KCQiA7briBRD7ARIsABhX8aCxm0-lwsGkH5WdDjmvMIUQ8w8G4ZX1_VpxEEXUircnOiRna_EubT8aAlpWEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds using the most expensive sync at 500 https://za.rs-online.com/web/p/heatsinks/8288744/ add a meanwell driver https://za.rs-online.com/web/p/constant-voltage-led-drivers/6663600/ retail pricing under 2k, nice profit margin for some soldering,heat shrink and a frame where appliable
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    And so start the gimmics. Ill stick to tried and tested ways passed down from the guys I learnt from, and will pass it on here.
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    Is @LED God, @Growsart back with vengeance? How do you educate with insults @LED God??? It's not what you say mate, it's how you say it.
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    [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]Why don't you try and drop your balls with that mic my outjie Sent from my G3312 using Tapatalk
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    while your points may have been valid your delivery had the subtlety of a glory hole in a glass door. your argument is lost to your attitude
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    Anyone who proposes to be conducting business on an international scale nogal, most certainly does not don this demeanor. Your pride is your nemesis.
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    We need a "mic drop" emoji up in here @420SA
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    I was away for a bit so they did struggle a little, in my opinion they're doing decently. The second one has leaves that are looking a bit "taco-like" xD. Maybe something to do with water or a nutrient deficiency? It also doesn't look yellow, camera bamboozled me. I've recently topped all three.
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    February's SOTM prizes have arrived Courtesy of Fast Buds American Autoflowers
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    And I have found what Im looking for. have a Mammoth Pro 120 on the way to me! Absolutely Epic service from HydroHerb Africa!!! Very Friendly and Verry helpfull!! Props to them for the Service!
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    Big Shout out to @CannaSmith my order arrived today.
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    so you are saying that out of your pick of currencies and governments, you choose to follow the green rush to the most corrupt mismanaged money grabbing,infrastructure decrepit country you can while still getting cell reception... also, its Bantu education.. "exceeding business as I move towards corporate with haste" i cant tell if thats chingrish or just parlimentary speak.
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    You will fade away and be humbled fluffball. Right out the door and we get this...? You are transparent af.
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    With voter apathy being so high here you total needed is much lower. 2 parties got seats in parliament with 27 000 and 33 000 votes in the last elections.
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    Hey all, I saw Jeremy Acton post on the 420SA Forum group on Facebook about registering this past weekend to vote in the national elections. I've been voting since my 18th and this year I'm actually super disgruntled about the options we have. THe put it bluntly, they all suck. From the ANC to the DA and the EFF to FF+, they are all really kak choices. That's why I was hoping I could throw my vote towards the Dagga Party this year. Does anyone know if the Dagga Party has been able to get themselves on the ballot this year? Have they been able to pay the R100 000 needed to get onto the ballot? I asked Jeremy Acton when he posted on the Facebook group but he hasn't replied. If anyone has any info, would you be so kind as to share? Stay lifted.
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    I just set up the Mammoth tent to check it out and I can only say... Holy Fucking Hell This is a Nice tent!! The quality is TOPS for price I paid!! Super Strong and sturdy, very good quality mylar and material and comes with hooks, hangers and Straps! Service from Hydro Herb Africa is Tops too, best for me out of all the shops Ive dealt with!!
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    More than alot. This bong needs to be so good it'll clean itself, grind it's own weed, stack itself and bloody light itself without me touching it. And I don't know about you, but I like touching. Anybody got a rich daddy? Sent from my G3312 using Tapatalk
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    That is not nute burn... that plant is starving. It's in an inert medium being given extreamly low dosages of nutes... that's what happens to a starving plant . Biobizz recommends 2-5ml per L , you giving it 1ml per L in an inert medium . Give you poor girl some food , start at 3ml per L.
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    I say you should leave them be. I've noticed 2 on my outdoor plants & no more whiteflies. They're doing a great job eating pests on mine. They will build a very tiny nest, though, so I dont want to harm them at harvest...but I'll burn that bridge when I get to it. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Hi, So I kinda skipped the first intro I am killerx severe ADHD with some OCD and... I do everything from brewing beer, distilling spirits, making whiskey/whisky/bourbons etc, this is my 3rd grow moving from organic soil to coco/perlite 60/40 with water adjusted horticulture mix nutes, growing inside perspex domed greenhouse, wireless auto drip feeding pump system, using mostly sun light, boosting with CFL and Cool White LED. First time growing Auto Flower: Onyx and Alien OG Have some Rooibaard Ladies in veg, revenge of the clones! I don't like smoking, medicating either extract or edibles! asthma.... *cof *cof
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