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    Black Cherry Haze. This is the work of a private horticulturalis friend of mine. Some mad scientist stuff happening quietly in Kzn.
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    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! I'm going to smoke a fatty in celebration!
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    Afternoon 420SA, Hope all are keeping well in this lockdown. Was quite busy these last few weeks. Got a couple of late finishers doing their thing. 1-3. a Bubblegum sativa lady from 2019 that revegged by herself, her timing was way off. With her 2nd chance she produced some really flavourful buds reeking of ''vicks'' chappies. 4-5. A petite chocolope clone that I cut when cleaning up my comp girl. Just doing her thing, waiting for her trichs to colour. 6. One of my Rudiralis dominant Mango Swazi lady's that also revegged -flowering her out. She produced a number of good clones. Pushing her to go more amber hence the funky leaves. 7. Another Ruderalis dom. 3 leaf Mango Swazi lady doing her thing. Sweet and fruity. 8-11. Our Swazi gold Queens. First ladies I planted in mother earth, they came into theit own. Many clones were cut, some we shared with friends. These ladies also assisted with @420sake 's project to preserve their genetics. Cheers, have a lekker one.😁
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    Barney Farm LSD. Mainlining is my new passion. The symmetry really feeds my OCD tendencies.
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    Frankenstein OG This top cola was so big I had to bend her away from the light.......but she bounced back with a round house kick of freaky foxtails. Basically if you smoke this weed you will instantly become a member to every club that was ever invented, worldwide, because you will be awesome.
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    hello @PsyCLown The drivers arent attached to the light. you can extend the cable to your hearts content. The heatsinks are designed for passive cooling and works perfectly. no failure is said pc fan worries ever. I guess everyone has their flava. My vision is to supply South Africa with High quality LED grow lights at cost effective rates and competing with Chinese imports with Top end Products. I think you can forgive me for slightly bigger heatsink and no pc fan? lol
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    Honestly, for this comment and anyone that wants to ask about how those kind of pics didn't make it. As someone just viewing the forum and participating, I feel that those images are awesome, yes, but there isn't something uniquely memorable about it. You may have taken time and put in effort to take the picture, but honestly it looks like a good advertisement picture for a strain against a black background, which isn't anything out of the ordinary, and isn't that original either. Don't get me wrong, they're beautiful pictures. But this is a competition to judge a winner, not who has the best photography setup. I shoot all of my pictures on my phone and sometimes find myself almost all the way on the ground to find that right angle, lol. So I'm pretty bummed I didn't make nominations either. Just enjoy the spirit of the competition peeps. Who knows, maybe you'll win the next one. I'm a new member here and mean no disrespect, just thought I'd share my opinion as it may make a difference. Sent from my POCOPHONE F1 using Tapatalk
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    These are some pics of my Chocolope lady from the outdoor competition. Thanks again Totemic for the seeds and info. Had great fun growing her.
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    I reached 976g on 1m2 indoor grow area... and lost my bet 😂 But I am rather sure I will reach the 1kg dry on 1m2 area.. lets try again 😊 Also might want to add... zero training techs used.. I topped one, which was on her own mission and 2 stayed rather short but rest formed a rather nice and even canape them self. I only removed leaves the plants were giving up and didn't disturb them in any way possible.
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    Slight change here guys. Prom has kindly decided to pass his prize on. That means that @Wolfsbane is our new winner, @@_deanzo_ you have now come 2nd For 3rd place I asked Prom to decide who takes 3rd place and he has selected @Smeegol Congrats to the revised winners!!
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    Hi - I'm new to this forum. I want to start my own indoor grow so I'm finding this forum very helpful. Thank you
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    That's a nice 9 bucket RDWC system that guy has..I mean..had... Although R400 000 is a bit of an over estimate if that is the entirety of that guy's grow 😂 and some of those plants look like they are struggling a bit. I also spy a Royal Queen Seeds poster I can only assume came from one of our local seed banks, in fact I might have that same one lying around somewhere 🤔 Jissis I still can't get over how the media uses the word "dagga". The day that changes is the day that the stigma goes with it.
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    Here are our 10 nominees for SOTM 4/20 A poll will run till next Tuesday 12 May and the winners will be announced next Wednesday 13 May after we've concluded a vote with the voting panel. Here are those 10 nominees: @Club_high @Kwanda #1 @Kwanda #2 @oldsandals @trichomechaser @Dimitri_JK @Craig @Kyle Pienaar @KaktusBoer #1 @KaktusBoer #2 GOOD LUCK!
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    1 of the buds from my recent indoor harvest 🔥 Only my second indoor grow
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    Blessed evening fellow members 🙌🏽 Hope everyone is feeling irie and has enough bud to keep them going during this lockdown period 🔥 this is my entry for the snapshot of the month comp ~ got a little gg#4 x gelato 41 seedling that has sprouted with 3 cotyledons, hoping that it gets 3 true leaves as well! Fingers crossed and I’ll toke one to that 🔥🙏🏽 Stay blessed everyone Nobody but ourselves can free our mind - Bob Marley
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    This my my #4 pheno of The Plug seedbanks, Dosidos x Watermelon Zkittlez on day 59 of flower. She smells like nasty dogs breath
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    If you really want to do a side by side comparison, purchase one of each type of QB (a plain 3000k and a 3000k with 660nm diodes), take a cutting of a plant and stick a cutting into each tent (one tent with one type of QB and the other tent with the QB with extra 660nm). Set the power to the same and hook both plants up to the same res with an auto watering system and then compare at the end of the grow and see for yourself how much of a difference, if any, is noticed. I have not done this test myself, however I am quite certain the difference will be minimal to none. I could be wrong though, as mentioned. I have some QB's with extra 660nm Samsung diodes and then I have some without the 660nm diodes. I doubt I would purchase QB's with the diodes again unless the price difference is practically non-existent or there are stock issues. If it gives you peace of mind though, then go for it. I do not recommend you pay significantly more for QB's with 660nm diodes though. These are the red dioes on my QB's: https://www.samsung.com/led/lighting/high-power-leds/3535-leds/lh351h-deep-red/
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    It looks good. I would not be to worried this late into flower. As long as the upper leaves dont yellow. Take off the leaves as they go completely yellow.
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    Going to give Pyrol a try, ordered some sticky traps as well. Thanks for all the advice Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    nope, she already decided to go flower, you could add light.. but she will go in a change confusion and if you are lucky, will take her 4 weeks to go back to veg.. with the needed light.. you have to decide if that is worth the effort and money. Quality seed.. might be worth it... bag seed.. let it be ^^
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    I meant to say as per @CreX and in addition... The calmag has more nitrogen in it then Calcium nitrate + Epsom and which is the better option to avoid too much N in flower. I've used those nutes so there's no I think they have a calmag that's already mixed etc. Repition of advice = no guess work. The more growers agreeing to a solution gives the man with a problem more confidence to take our advice knowing we have done it before and not just quoting from research. But CreX 💚 we both here for the same reason...
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    Sorry for going MIA. They actually came out really nice in the end. Even tho it only received direct sunlight from 1pm till sunset. And ended up yielding 150g per plant (cured) 😄
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    @1000Hills Nursery I'm still a novice at growing cannabis, so I'm always happy to learn from more experienced growers. I'll try my next run with just pure coco and see how it goes. Thanks for the info.
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    need to invest in this so I can make some baseball bats lol ,where to find?
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    Yup agreed Raw unrefined , it makes a proper king sized joints
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    Lekka shots of the girlz @Bospatrollie2 - thank you for the share. I am gobsmacked at the learning profile since joining the forum. We have had such fun this year growing both side of the fence. First ever crop in my life with purchased seeds this year. Then busy with my second planting of my annual landrace crop has done famously this year, I am happy with the result since your visit. So your girls are eye candy bru - well done. The love is evident. 🧐
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    @Mambawana give thanks my brother 🙏🏽 Indeed it shall, one step at a time.
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    Welcome to the forum! Nice man, so just recently flipped to flower basically? Aren't you scared cold fronts may kill the plants before they are mature and ready for harvest? Put your harvest around July sometime, roughly, if you've just flipped. They're looking good though! 😄
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    Lets talk how to make easy hash. I will keep it more on the simple side, some decisions you simply have to make yourself, other steps are give and are rather a must. But as none of the steps are rushed, a rather relaxing procedure. First step is getting your grids.. which ones, I leave that selection to yourself, as not in the mood to hear: bought the wrong sizes because of you! 😁 I use 2 max.. (Google, decide, you can always reorder), I know people using 4 (i just think is a bit over done, if you consume the stuff and don't want to sell in different qualities. Depending on which "take" i rub, i skip the fine one completely, only use the fine one with take 1. I use a cheap Car massage system and put one side of the grids (rather firm connected) on one of those vibrators, set to max. This is not needed at all, I am just a lazy fag ^^ And you need a hard, very smooth surface below your grid.. mirror/glass works best. Once you have the grids of your choice, next order you have to do is dry ice (www.dryice.co.za, 20kg, R816 + shipping, 3mm pellets) and some clean silicon kitchen gloves or non powdered (like always when you handle weed) medical gloves. The dry ice will last 2-3 days, so order that best to the date you want to use it. When you store it, wrap some additional blankets around and place it beside your air intake for the tent 😉 Free CO2 generator. There is no need to put your dry left over into the freezer. You just wait 10 minutes longer with wet material, the dry ice does what it says.. it drys very quick ^^ and no liquid left overs. Material I use are fluff buds and material from dressing the A class buds I want to keep. Those are the GSC fluffies, made no pic of the WoW material i hashed, but looked 1 to 1 the same. GSC gets bubbled. In your bucket with the material you dump some dry ice pellets and shake it in in steps. In a 10 liter bucket I drop around 4 cups of dry ice. The 20kg box you get is HUGE ^^ would guess you can easy do 15 huge trees with that box. I had 5 Wonder Woman total. Used not even one quarter. Once it stops "steaming" the water is gone, mix carefully and check that none of those pellets enter your glove.. or you will end with a freeze burn, dry ice is -80C. When you take a bud out and squeeze it.. it should just crumble to dust.. ready to go. Take a hand full out and rub it firm in between your hands. the dry ice pellets will help you get the material fine. Don't take to much, but you are also in no rush, all will stay super cold. No need to dig in your fingers.. just move it gentle without any down force over the grid, that way your fingers stay warm. What falls through looks more like a fog. Depending how long you work the more you change quality. I work each batch around 60-90 seconds. Keep the material, you can do more than 1 take. First will be super sticky and very easy to form a ball, third to fourth will be more powdery and demanding a heat press to get some potency out. When done, remove the material into a second container and rub on a next batch with your hands till done. The fine grid will have collected 90% of the pollen you filtered out. I add some dry ice pellets to that pollen and let it cool down again. Then use a old credit card to gently move it over the fine grid with as little down force as possible. When you are happy, you put the batches in bags. To work with the fine grid, the lower you get the temperature, the better will be the result. (was take Nr4, so a bit greenish) The left overs from 2 10L containers And the result of the first take You can use a pollen press, your hands (gloves) or leave it in the natural chunk it forms by gravity inside the bag. Depending to that, color will change. But is very soft and very sticky... If you have a phone call and have to leave during a batch is on the grid, add some dry ice and let it cool down, that way you don't mess up your grid. Cleaning the grids, any soft brush will do.. if you cool the grid down with some dry ice, you get it rather clean.. just careful.. very cold things like to break way easier. Freeze burns hurt.. keep that in mind before you get one and don't "rub" down when you work the material.. only slide it gentle over the grid. Rest.. good luck and have fun 😄
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    Unfortunately your order is a import, the guys currently receiving are buying our local stock. We are sending out an update today and giving all the guys that have been waiting a 30% discount coupon for future use. Delivery of all items are guaranteed, we just struggling with the current imports 😞
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    Thanks for the advice CreX, ive spoken to MasterG. the only reason for Cfls in my case was because that was literally the only lights i could find during the lockdown. Some feedback on the Spotlight/growlight... The plant seems to be loving the new light but i guess anything would be better then the 2 20W cfls she was under before.
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    Managed two clone 2 miniature pineapple glue auto just for fun, was lolly poping the big plant, the stems were hard so I plugged the 2 into a small pot been going strong for over 1 month, think the 1 is done and the other is halfway lol
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    Yeah, I'll make sure of that. Highly likely.. It's my girlfriend's sons.. I have not seen any other pistols yet.. I'll have a look when I go arround there again.. Do you not think extending the light hours now will keep her in vege..?
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    Thank you! I'm a lover of coco/hydro and indoor. At the moment I have 2 plants in a 4x4ft tent with a 480watt Quantum Board. Harvest is in 18 days. I can't wait! This closeup is my Banana Kush, and the other plant is Good Wild Shark. Some of the nicest and fattest buds I've ever grown. Well this is only my 2nd grow but still haha. As soon as I harvest this batch, I'm popping a feminized Banana Hammock by Ethos. I plan on documenting that whole grow on here to show my methods.
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    Wow, that is a tonne of seed bud. Nice view and your ladies look lovely.
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    Yeah the lack of equipment is a pain. I know they won't die, I just wanted to see if anyone knew if it would be worth the effort. I'll try to keep the lights low to minimise stretching and get a small fan for circulation. Haha, it is my only option other than starting each grow from seed in the same tent. Thanks [emoji1303] Sent from my POCOPHONE F1 using Tapatalk
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