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    So this is what my current feminized run looks like. Plants between 3 and 5 weeks of flower. I have 3 different chocolope NL phenos, and Chocolope NL #1 is the pollen donor, her one branch was treated and the other left untreated with STS. Then there is an OKC, Slurricane, And Green Crack. Pollination has started. ...
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    This drop is going to be one of our craziest yet... Archive Seed Bank are a top tier US breeder renowned for their owner Fletch's integrity in both the community and breeding in general. This drop was a rerelease of some of the company's classics as well as the much sought after Moonbow crosses. I woke up at 5am on a Saturday to get this order in initially, and much of it was sold out within an hour. Unfortunately this drop also came at retail price (we don't get wholesale discounts on very new drops), so the prices will be a little higher, but we will be selling it close to our cost. I'll update this thread with the drop information once the package arrives (today or tomorrow). But just wanted to create the awareness, if you're thinking of copping something crazy - this may be it. Below are some Face on Fire which I finished running recently (The 3 phenos I got)... There will be a couple packs in this drop!
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    Quality controller hard at work. Sent from my DRA-LX5 using Tapatalk
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    SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH SEPTEMBER Sponsored by www.thehighco.co.za www.envirofarm.co.za What's being given away this month? 1st Prize A TheHighCo R500-00 voucher Sponsored by TheHighCo 2nd Prize Epic 5:2 Bio Stimulant -100g Tub HOW TO ENTER? Simply reply to this thread with your entries. Attach the images to your reply or embed the images from a 3rd party website Snapshot of The Month Rules: Original images only please. If your entries are found to have been pulled from the internet your entry will be void. Members can enter a maximum of 5 images each. Images entered this month may not be entered in future competitions. Members can submit photos and/or graphics designs of their own Once entries close entries will be narrowed down to 10 nominees which will then go to a private poll with the Competition Voting Panel Members can only come 1st in an SOTM once every 12 months or 2nd or 3rd twice every 12 months. Entries are judged on: Overall originality - What sets the image apart from others. Creativity & Effort - was there a good amount of creative thought and effort that went into the image Wow factor - does the image get attention. Quality and clarity - Is the detail in the image decent. Is the photograph clear, well focused and not blurry. Entries close 01/10/20 Good Luck! --------------------------------------------
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    Some of you guys might remember the daddy I chose last year, nicknamed "FruityPuke". This girl was selected from about 15 beans that got mixed up, mystery mom, FruityPuke male. The terps of this plant is a dirty berry, like diesel berry chem funk. She got the nickname FruityPoopz, a new potential mom in my stable, definitely going to make beans with her at the very least
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    This! I have an OKC and a slurricane cut running at the moment. They are super sparkly and all, but I'm disappointed with the yield so far. I'm used to working with heavy yielding thai genes. Yet I do see major potential for working those lines further with an outcross and stabilisation thereafter. When I compare the inhouse and ethos to the older school Afghan and Thai lines I'm primarily working with, Humbolts GC and my own Chocolope cross, are just better built plants. I think both ethos and inhouse push out some crazy phenos. Their plants are good enough for me to explore them further, and improve them.
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    Time to make yourself heard on the proposed bill guys. https://dearsouthafrica.co.za/cannabis/ Actual link to comment to parliament below https://pmg.org.za/call-for-comment/968/
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    Interesting read. Being on the other side of the audience as a breeder and reading this, I still find myself in complete disagreement with the prices some breeders are expecting for their seeds. Our exchange rate betrays us big time. I do suppose a certain amount of culture is influential, as well as the core motivation behind the breeding. Passion vs. Profit. The amount of sacrifice, time, dedication that goes into breeding a strain is worth something yes, but I cant bring myself to charging even R100 a seed. Even for a seed I know will grow into a world class plant.
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    Oni are really solid, I'm sure that you're familiar with some of their work. Quite a few of their strains have been used by other breeders in their crosses. If I had to spec out a good way to find if a breeder is premium or not, look at how many other big breeders are working with their cuts. Oni is perhaps most well-known for the Tropicanna/Tropicanna Cookies, which has been run into a lot of other hybrids. I would choose Oni over In House personally, I feel like they have slightly better breeding practices. I will also just throw it out there that two MASSIVELY slept on breeders locally are Archive Seed Bank (Possibly my #1 breeder overall, high end quality flower with massive pheno hunts, while still holding the breeding practices that a lot of the other big breeders give up on). For me it's important that the breeder test their own gear and still has input in the breeding process, a lot of these bigger ones now are just paying workers to do their jobs).
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    Welcome @Groen Seeds! Glad to have you stop on our lovely forum and community! This is great community that is dedicated to finding the best deals in town and abroad! Always keen to support the peeps trying to get a leg up ✌️😁 I must just note that I have allowed your post above on the condition you read the forum rules about advertising and such and if you have any queries and want to know more, feel free to approach our sensei in arms @420SA
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    Hey there 420sa community! Hope you guys are having a FANTASTIC day! πŸ™‚ I recently started a YouTube channel where I'll be doing some grow series videos... I'm currently busy with a Dutch Passion Auto Daiquiri Lime grow series and have an Auto Euforia grow series lined up as well. Link to my channel: GoodGrow on YouTube Please check out my Instagram account as well, you'll get a sneak peak of the Euforia grow there and I'll be adding some pics of the Daiquiri Lime grow at a later stage as well. GoodGrow on Instagram So that covers the intro, I hope you all have a blessed day! GoodGrow
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    Trying out my first outdoor grow with bag seed (Swazi/TK cross) before forking out some $$$ for 3x Black Diamond, Glookies & Platinum GSC beans to test out this season. Planted very late (April)
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    Hey all, So how about sharing some of your secrets, wondering if any of you guys have special mixes of stuff you like to use on your plants which you feel make a difference and how do you use it? I know some of the common stuff is kelpack, silicon, various nutrients via foliar spray, Triancontanol etc. Then you get the stuff like trichoderma which can help keep roots happy and mycorrhizal fungi as well which you'd generally mix in with the medium or apply via a "soil" drench. Your various bloom boosters, which is generally MPK. Curious as to what you find works for you and how you apply it.
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    Hey Guys. I just wanted to end this thread by say a big Thank You for all of the advice and guidance in helping me get ready for my spring growπŸ‘Š My orders just got delivered. I settled on the Freedom Farms soil, Biobizz nutes and the Jiffy starter plugs. I received my seeds from Bud Buddies. Super lemon haze and purple urkle photoperiods and a few autos. All set and ready to goπŸ‘ Wish everyone a great growing season ahead...✌️
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    I'm seeing the plant is struggling with a hot medium. Only way out is through and she will 'grow' into the soil. Some plants just dont like a lot of nutrients, while others are just sluts...
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    Personally, all the mycoroot, definitely tops. I even go as far as to rub my seeds with mycoroot before planting, and then again for every transplant going forward. Additional silicon during veg, especially when topping more than once, I find very useful. EM Pro-soil I add to every feeding. Otherwise, I try not to add anything else whether I'm using BioBizz or GHE nutes. Apart from the above, I trust these nutes to be sufficient.
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    You can definitely mainline clones, although it won't be as symmetrical as a plant grown from seed because clones would stagger their nodes as they are not the main stem of the plant. You'll notice on a normal, untrained cannabis plant that the nodes on the main stem are symmetrical and the nodes on the branches are staggered. So I rate you just gotta choose the top two nodes, of which one will be lower than the other, and just train them to grow level at the canopy.
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    Hi All, My partner and i have a small scale(24mΒ²) fruiting chamber in which we produce gourmet(only) mushrooms. Growing mushrooms is quite an easy procedure, BUT.... the capital input is high, it is super time consuming and your are fighting against contamination which is EVERYWHERE!!! I have no doubt that the CO2 a bag can produce is viable, but i don't believe this is the best method of CO2 application. also, it seems you would need to turn the air exchange off(exhaust etc) to achieve the adequate PPM . I wonder if you would be able to build a "box/Tote"' with the bags inside that feeds directly into the tent with the cool CO2 rich air drawn in to offset the volume pushed out of the exhaust.
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    For sure... I actually meant to add HSO (Humboldt Seed Organization) as an excellent budget breeder. I definitely respect HSO for that market. Fast Buds I've heard great things from, but my personal experience has been pretty negative so I just couldn't get myself to do it. I think I just got unlucky though, got some really terrible phenos from the beans I popped. Flowering at week 2... Mephisto are up there as the top tier autoflower breeder though, Mephisto and Nightowl are the top tier of autos.
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    You know I'll keep males alive for you. I'll keep females going for you as well if space really is an issue
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    Here is a cousin of the BlueberryKushs, she has some Romulan genes added in the mix. BlueSpaceKush
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    You need to do what Prom said and plan your drying according to ambient temperatures and your actual bud. I just dried my f skittles last week, for a full 7 days.Here was my process: My buds were extremely dry when I harvested(as it should be, because you left the plant in darkness for 3 days without any watering right lol ;) Now, with the temperatures climbing into the 23's and RH decreasing , I had a problem, these buds were going to dry out too fast because I dont use anything special to dry,just hang em up in a dark room. What I did was, a budwash(water->bicarb->h202->water), and then a small soak for 5 mins in clean water. I then sundried on brown paper for around 10 mins a side until there were no water dripping.The buds gain some weight in water - then I hung them up. This slowed down my drying process and I only had snappy branches on day 6.The bud as been curing for a week now, and its smells like petrol cookie dough my gawd! πŸ™‚ I came up with the above because i fucked up my entire Fuel OG harvest last year, buy hanging up buds that were already dry and hadnt been washed, the buds dried in 3 days flat and the smoke was harsh cos of chlorophyl.An epic waste of money,time 😞
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    Hi guys I sell my Mars 144 as I do a redesign of my grow areas. I bought the lamp 3 Jan 2020, so still some left of the 3 years SA warranty. Lamp comes with card and slip from Hydroponics.co.za. The lamp is perfect for a 1.2x0.6x1.8 grow tent and has cooling included. Add fan for the tent and a inside oscillating one and you have a running system, very low heat lamp: This is exactly the lamp I sell. The lamp also comes with the correct distance to hang for Germination, Veg and Flower Stage, PAR measured! 😁😎 Mars says it is equivalent to 800watt.. i wouldn't go that far ^^ but the lamp draws in Veg 179 Watt and 269 Watt in Flower mode including ventilation. I would prefer pickup ^^ then I do not have to find adequate shipping package for courier. Lamp has not a single scratch, all LEDs are in working order.
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    Yes and yes... Some Strains seem to hermie even when all growing parameters have met. That to me qualifies for crappy variety for example. Also some varieties just don’t have a nice terpene profile no matter what you as a grower do. But I guess taste differs from person to person. But I think in most cases it's mostly up to the grower. It takes time to be able to 'read' your plants and each strain likes different things. Meeting your plants needs and growing with passion is getting the best out of your plants.
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    I have a feeling @Negus101 is getting a bit lost in translation, mixed with a little inflated ego and assumption. So here's the solid advice you need; you paid too much for this light, someone sold you dreams. You're not going to get your money back, cut your losses and sell this light at the price it's worth, which I would say is closer to the R3000-R4000 margin, when considering the Apollo 8 which is 256 true watts and is R5899 new.
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    I have gone through many clip fans they dont last or move enough air. I use box fans got logik ones from game 3 year warranty R200 waa on special and more recently got SCE small box fans from checkers R250 think its 23 or 25cm. Box fans gets my vote
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    Made a call, and got a direct email address for submissions vramaano@parliament.gov.za
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    No. We'll get going with both the indoor and outdoor next year
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    Welcome and enjoy your stay! The rainbow is very cool, aliens look a bit creepy but remind me of a song. Hopefully those aliens aren't going to try steal our weed! lol
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    @prom πŸ˜‚ That's settled then... Will go with the rain water. I have a 40,000L tank as a supply, so I won't have an issue there. Will also just leave the Activera on the shelf for now. πŸ€™ I'm looking at running a couple fans on either end of the greenhouse to keep the airflow up. I've heard that PM is a serious problem down here, but that prevention is the best remedy. Still have to look into Pests, PM and deficiencies. I know little to nothing about it all. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to the journey ahead and where it leads... hopefully it leads to some decently sized dense, dank budz. I'd be very happy with that
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    Hi guys just an update on my plants. I had an additional led light....but seem to burn my leaves and then i switched it off. My autoflower(northen lights) flowering looks good. Think about 2.5weeks in
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    @SkunkPharmThink its a good idea, believe many new growers would benefit from such a thread. Easy and manageble way to start your journey down the cannabis growing rabbit hole. An inexpensive way to get their toes wet, without the complexities and technical equipment of dwc and coco. They can grow their first plants and there after decide where they want to take it- soil, dwc or coco.
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    About another week then I'll do a final transplant and move them into 12/12. I had to stop feeding the Gelatos to get the clones to catch up so they are a bit hungry, but feeding has resumed.
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    Hi, we have plenty of happy customers and you can have a look at reviews here: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/groenseeds.com We buy directly from breeders across the globe looking for the best quality at reasonable prices. We cut out the middleman / brand and the cost saving is passed on to the customer πŸ™‚ Seed is professionally sorted, germination tested and stored in a special seed storage facility to ensure optimal viable seed. We ship nationwide (overnight courier) but it does sometimes take +- 3 working days. Free seeds and free shipping possible depending on the total amount. Hope this helps πŸ’š Peace, love and seeds! Team GrΓΆen Seeds
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    Ok sweet. My plants are small. So about 20-40gz. Should be a couple of hours. @CreX ur services will be required sir on the next harvest round. Got a few plants.
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    So @Prom and @Batista pretty much covered it. You want to slow down the drying process by controlling the humidity. Having a tent or small enclosed space helps as the water weight from the plants will increase the humidity. So a small extraction fan (PC fan works well) connected to a controller wit ha RH sensor of sorts is ideal. Since its warming up, low temps aren't really an issue and unless you have an AC controlling the temp isn't easily achievable. However high temps will ruin the terpenes, so you want to try keep the temps low too. Below 26C preferably. Do not dry out your bud too much, I personally prefer to put the bud into a jar with Boveda and have it increase ever so slightly above the Boveda pack humidity and let the boveda bring the RH down. Whenever I have dried bud too much and the Boveda has had to increase the RH, the bud has ended up harsher than the rest - even after months of sitting in a jar with Boveda packs. I base my drying on the RH in the drying area vs the ambient RH, the snapping of branches has never worked well for me. I also do not really burp jars, if the bud is a bit too wet when I jar it, then I leave the jar open for a couple hours and continue to do so until RH is around where I want it. Burping daily is too much of a mission for me, I don't have time to do that. The drying process can make or break your weed.
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    Do you need to cook the rice or use uncooked rice in the water?I use cooked rice water to treat PM and it works wonderfully.
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    Those leaves are very dark green, think there might be some Nitrogen tox as well. Leaf tip curling may point to a rootzone issue. 1. What medium is the plant in. 2. What nutes were used. Need some opinions from the indoor guys.
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    Man with the lockdown, most of my plants never made it to curing or a long cure anyway.
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    love the creativity πŸ‘Œ
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    I still have available, if anyone is interested drop me a PM πŸ™‚
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    Noice!... Welcome and enjoy Sent from my POCOPHONE F1 using Tapatalk
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    Hi, hope you have a good time here. 😊 6x3.. nice space 😁 popping seeds... dump them for 12 hours in a glass with clean water. Put it in the dark and keep it between 20 and 25 C. After 12 hours seeds start to drown too. Then you have three common options. A. Put the seeds directly in soil. For photos, use about 3 pot sizes, repot, when the leaves reach the outside of the pot. B. Plate them. Wet 4 kitchen papers, use 2 per side. Put the moist paper on the plate, seeds, 2 to 3 cm apart next each othrr and cover with the other 2 moist kitchen papers. Second plate on top, flying saucer style. Put it dark and same temp as the glass. When tap roots are 2 cm out use tweazers to transplant... not your fingers. C. Bit like B, you fould the seeds in a moist kitchen towel and put it in a zip lock bag... same handling like plates after that. Your 90 pots are sexy.. but will become a monstrous tree... you have to mainline those or your 220 are not even close to harbour those plants i would go with 40 liters and give them a topping after 4 weeks. Best cage the plants to add stability for the branches... will have huuuuge buds 😁 clean the lover 4 to 6 nodes and remove leaves. You can go October, if you look that your youngsters stay warm. Start Nov you are rather save. Perfect time to start slow autos too 😁 Biobizz. If you use bio heaven, just follow the feeding table, all you need included. If you work without bio heaven, feed them some epsom salt once a month. Hope that helped 😊
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    Welcome to the family bro and good luck on your upcoming grow.
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    All those girls are looking super happy bru.
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    We're happy to welcome a new vendor to the 420SA family! @Biltong and Budz has joined us. You can find them in the Sponsor & Vendor Lounge Biltong and Budz boasts the largest collection of local and international genetics in South Africa, offering everything from affordable bulk seeds and local breeders through to exclusive US breeder imports. You can visit their website HERE
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    @TheUltimateNoob not sure if you checked the 420 infusion evening they do every now and then in Bellair. https://www.biltongandbudz.co.za/event/420-infusion-evening-roaring-20s-edition/ I haven't managed to attend one yet, but hoping to catch the next one.
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    Wait, you lost me. You want to know about growing some mushies in your tent to increase CO2 and want to do this yourself because of the costs involved in purchasing the bags? Well, firstly growing mushrooms isn't hard per say, but you need to be very sterile and have additional equipment to pasteurize / sterilize the medium(s) you are working with and you do not want any trich at all as that will fuck you over big time as trich is a very aggressive colonizer and will cause tons of issues for you. Trich is something which is not uncommon for cannabis though, it is contained in a few of those mixes which are promoted as helping improve plant health etc. It is included in that black liquid, forgot the name at the moment... Will come back to me in a while and a few other products. Unless you have a separate room to get the bags started in which you can thoroughly clean and let the mycelium fully colonize the medium before putting it in your tent. Growing mushies isn't necessarily expensive once you have the equipment, really just the medium which will be required to be replaced. Not sure if all strains give out the same amount of CO2. What about cooling as you want to keep the air exchange to a minimum from inside the tent to outside the tent and that makes extracting hot air out pretty much impossible. Got a link to the video?
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    Seedsman Purple Bud. Backpain is gone and we have no insomniacs in the house anymore. Hahaha.[emoji3] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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