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    Awe bru, buy a cake at checkers and use that container. It works really well as a propagator. Plus you get cake
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    I would donate a span of beans for next years outdoor. Gives me a chance to see my beans in others care.
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    Hey @Chrislovesdagga you'll need to do a lot of refinement on your cloning process First I can see you took the cuttings wrong, I remember my mate did the exact same once. I can see you cut off the fan leaves and hoped you would get clones from those which you wont. You need to cut from the main stem..like below Then get some proper propogation media like jiffy pellets or rockwool cubes. Some rooting hormone too, Builders warehouse stocks the dynaroot powder. Finally you need to have your clones in a humidity dome. I use a clear plastic container and it does the job just fine so see if you an get one of those or get from a hydro shop.
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    There is zero need to use GSR when so many reliable banks are popping up.
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    Big Shout out to @CannaSmith my order arrived today.
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    A couple members have mentioned running a growoff on 420SA. I think it could be good fun! Let's discuss how we can do it.... I'm thinking: An outdoor growoff and an indoor growoff. 2 seperate comps. Perhaps starting 15 January next year Growers have to choose 1 feminized seed (no bagseed) to grow and have to stick with that seed. Starting germination on the 15th of Jan. If the seed duds they can germinate another one but will not be compensated timewise. When it comes to deadlines it could be a bit tricky. Either we set a deadline date for when the person has to harvest the plant or have it harvested before.... or for the indoor comp we set a date when the person has to switch to flower (maybe around 40 days after germination) and then allow everyone's plant to finish when they think its ready. Once the last plant is ready to chop the comp can end. Same goes for the outdoor comp, it ends once the last plant has been chopped. That would most likely mean that the outdoor comp will end much later on A separate board or club will created and each participant will run their own thread with updates on the plant they entered Just some ideas on how it can be run. Totally open to other ways. Give your input if you'd be keen to take part in this. If enough interest is shown I'm sure we'll get a sponsor
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    Now that sounds like a good idea, everyone playing off the same base and it will be truly 420SA local content [emoji16] Sent from my ALE-L02 using Tapatalk
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    So ill defend them due to me having actual 'walk in shop' experience. They are literally the best hydro grow type shop in the entire eastern Cape. Kudos to them man, they were never equipped to become a national supplier initially. Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    15 Jan is basically the start of flowering time outdoors....I do understand that time is past but earlier in spring would be great. Make the Outdoor growoff a 18/9 yearly kickoff date. That means seeds break ground at the Spring equinox.
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    I have my mother under a 45w CFL. I paid R200 for the CFL. Like you said, it's just for clones and a mom. They don't need a killer light anyways. That's my mom, took 12 clones from her on Thursday. Took the pics on Tuesday. Personally, I think your clones will do well under that led But like the boys said, if you gonna flower under them, spend the bucks and go quantum.
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    Some deals I have seen. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Jup. Just watch us oakes who have been working a thing for everyone over the last few years.
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    I think we need anothr picture of more bud, so maybe not so close up.BTW do you have a white haired pet?
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    Those are crappy old tech LEDs. If you want LED grow lights your best price / option is to buy from growopz or build your own using quality cobs or quantum boards. You can grow under almost any LED but if you want sizable, dense frosty nugs you'l need the newest tech to do so and it's going to cost money. Cheap LEDS are only good for seedlings and clones in veg. You can grow full plants in veg but they will grow much slower under those floodlights than cobs or quantum boards. With LED the idea is that its costly upfront but saves you money over time with electricity costs and bulb replacements @Batista lumen ratings aren't an indication of usefulness for growing, you want ppfd or umol j
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    Hi guys futurama is holding a comp for a huge grow tent https://futurama-competition.app.do/ueuyqq/OTWEtZtn
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    Ja like they say. Rock wool is probably the easiest. Plate/Tupper ware contained as a base with half a coke bottle over it. pH'd water at the bottom open daily untill it takes. Then less and less water and more and more exposure to the environment. Sorry for the drawing. I'm not at home to take a pic. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
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    I started using one of these Garland propagators on the windowsill. Works well, had to line it with clingwrap, since it has holes in the bottom & a sheet of paper to block out most of the sunlight. Could probably fit 8/10 cuttings if I leave the rockwool sheet intact. I did 5 at once & they all took. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Makes sense for them to use clones, seeds are still a lucky packet even if they are specially bred.But we cant ship clones all over the show lol
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    Hello 420SA, Just a friendly greeting hello to all the fellow horticulturalists.... I am an old school grower and cannabis supporter, looking forward to adding and learning here. Thanks for the platform Admin! High Regards,
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    Hey Raun Drop me a line lets see if we can find some synergy, terresmith@cannasmiths.co.za
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    That did cross my mind but my thoughts were to just see what guys could produce in that short space of time. More for fun really That being said if the outdoor growers would like to do it properly, I'm sure many would, then a start on 18/9 would be best. Great idea for the date btw, timing is actually perfect
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    recently was directed there, was told they are reliable, have seen a lot of ethos popping up on local ig so i would say yes, legit. and honestly, as scary as the price tag is, considering seed pack size and 2 freebies, you are looking at about 190 a seed pre shipping
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    My first humidity dome was a 2l coke bottle cut in half & fitted back together with my cuttings inside & the cap closed, opening up once a day to get some air. 3 clones at a time. It was a tight squeeze, but I got 100% success rate with 6 cuttings. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    I agree that COBs Fluence light is the way to go. I don't agree with that other dude about diodes being better. I call chicken poop, diodes won't beat cobs. However quantum boards will beat the cobs. So if you buy quantum boards or cobs you'll be better off. If you going with diode LED and you aren't planning on spending 15k it won't be worth it. Just ask Justin how my 700w Mars ii series performed. Like a wanker... Toss that wankstain in the closet and upgrading to Gavita DE HPS 6/750 Sent from my G3312 using Tapatalk Hey Pat !! I eventually found you bro. I been wandering what u up to? Been looking on other 420 forum for you. Just got a Gavita pro e series 1000w DE. I hear you using Gavita too now. Awesomeness!! Im about to build a 2m x 2m x3m h grow room. And yes. LED not for me. Bought plenty. Got a 600w that gave airy heads. Now use for veg only. See you around. What LED did you use, saying "LED not for me", without actually stating the brand does not really mean much. There are many top performing LED lights on the market. You just need to head over to the international forums to see the grows they're doing with them. If you're talking about those garbage lights from MARS and a few other brands then sure. Burples are crap, state 1000 watts lucky if they push out 200. I am running two of my five quantum boards at the moment, each pushing out a true 300 watts per board (multimeter confirmed), they can be pushed to around 350-400 watts but they get pretty toasty then. Five of these in my tent with a combined output of 1520 watts, however I will dimm them down to 1000 watts to keep them cooler. 900 watts in the image attached, I'm waiting for my quantum sensor to arrive to get the actual readings.
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