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What to do if you have Airy Buds
« on: December 09, 2014, 12:07:25 AM »
If your buds have already grown fluffy and airy it is too late to fix them now. Usually airiness is a sign of TOO MUCH HEAT. For one to grow dense buds the temp should be kept at between 21 and 24 degrees. When the temp goes above 25 - 26 and up the buds start to become lanky and airy.

If the air is being enriched with CO2 using a tank then the above does not apply and temps of 27 + would be ideal.

For tight buds drop the humidity and lower the temps, remember you are trying to mimic mother nature so when your vegging your temps can be in the high 20's. And slowly bring it down over the weeks, until the last month you drop the temp as much as you can.

Avoid Heat and humidity issues have lots of air flow and your plants will reward you. If your plants get too hot, consider using a air cooled reflector getting a bigger fan or having better ventilation. Also try using a heat spreader to be mounted under your light to reduce hot spots and burning
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Re: What to do if you have Airy Buds
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I've grown dank thick buds in my room which peaked at 37. The room was running at ave 33. That room was in a shed.. (worst place to grow)

The reason why you might not get thick buds is a lack of  cal/mag.  It's either from using RO water which is 0 ppm or your ph is not correct for an overall nutrient pick up.


Not enough light intensity.  Bring your lights down,  but not too close.  They will want to stretch if you dint have enough canopy penetration.


Yes the ventilation.  You MUST have air flowing around the plants.  No stagnant air. Plants like to be blown around gently, makes the stems stronger and won't allow for PM or bodrytus.

Just my 2c


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Re: What to do if you have Airy Buds
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Head spreader? Please continue......


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Re: What to do if you have Airy Buds
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haha it was sooooo late last night meant to say heat spreader. The heat spreader allows you to get the lights closer to the plants
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