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  2. Very nice... Haven't heard of it but definitely keen on the next one now that I know. Would be interested in cooperating with the organisers as well. Sent from my POCOPHONE F1 using Tapatalk
  3. @Bakstein420 Thanks i see the last one was in Feb, We have had a few events listed at The Green Dragon Tea Garden will keep an eye out for the next one to list! There are a few alternatives you may be interested in, in the mean time https://cannabis-events.co.za/
  4. I really wish we had a "dab bar" where they have all the gadgets and you just bring your own herb.
  5. Hey guys, sorry about the delay just wanted to let you know we recently listed 2 comps, you may want to check them out https://cannabis-events.co.za/event/growyourown-solocupchallenge/ & https://cannabis-events.co.za/event/the-sannabis-cup-2020/. Also if you have any events you think we need to know about please hit me up lee@cannabis-events.co.za
  6. @TheUltimateNoob not sure if you checked the 420 infusion evening they do every now and then in Bellair. https://www.biltongandbudz.co.za/event/420-infusion-evening-roaring-20s-edition/ I haven't managed to attend one yet, but hoping to catch the next one.
  7. Pretty soon @CreX planning planning planning is happening.
  8. Yea... I'm itching to do a comp grow again
  9. Yeah I feel you bro. Although I will admit, there has been more events here in Durban based on what you've said... But the whole vibe around it is full of uncertainty and I feel it's just a bit dodge because like, security, the kind of crowd, and the fact that weed is sold at a lot of these events, so like what about cops anymore... There were 2 spots (I was comfortable at one of them) that I could go to that weren't really far from me but bro, they were still selling weed to the patrons, so who knows what the hell is going on... Cops knew about it, and nothing... It's just becoming a legal way for people to do illegal things and it depends on the tips situation with the cops (if you know what I mean) - which is why I haven't really gotten involved or started anything (besides not having the expertise of event planning). It's part of the reason I chose to start growing my own. Everything that isn't set in stone just depends on a bunch of corruption here, whereas where there is a good community (like CPT) cops like kinda don't have a problem because there's an understanding I guess (from my knowledge - although I could be wrong because I've never lived there) Hopefully this post will generate some interest. This is true, and yes it is an achievement, but a simple 2-sided leaflet at a proposed event could be enough to give everyone that attends the basic knowledge for cannabis growing - in the same way we learnt how to grow that bean all those years ago. I mean, if people stop wasting money on cheap things that don't work, and save for things that do, it would make a big difference. And it doesn't necessarily have to cost money - for example we could teach people how to compost properly so that they can use their own soil, how to accurately identify male & female plants, stuff like that. This is what I hate the most, honestly. People ripping off ideas... Like at least give something back to the guy you got the idea from, lol... But yeah I agree, I may contact some people, or just try to plan one with a member from here, who knows!
  10. My bruh I had this exact thought after seeing your comment on the Zootly cannabis cup group. Firstly, I completely forgot about Zootly to begin with. Had a little look around their site, read a couple diary posts, and saw that they are based in Cape Town, like other industry founders like The Haze Club and Vape Store etc. The way you feel about Durban is the same I feel about where I stay. I claim JHB as my zone just because at the time I had been working there, but I'm actually based in Centurion. Their are tons of stoners here, but I can't say their ever has been a cannabis related event in this city (at least not in my adult weed life 😅 or that I'm aware of). We did have one Cannapax store though 🤔 Just did some research and I see that the last time a cannabis event in Centurion was attempted was by The Dagga Couple in 2016. Link Further, also just read an article on the 420 cafe in Randburg (about 45mins drive from me). So I suppose one can see why I feel a little stranded 😅 A good start I would think is right here on the forum. My entry into the cannabis industry started here, and my meeting of the JHB crowd started with meeting and getting to know some members here. There are not many places without dedicating significant amounts of time to learn the basics of growing anything. I mean, all we really did in school was that one bean germination experiment using the 2l bottle in like Grade 4. So if one thinks about it, to achieve a successful grow with no previous experience in growing is actually quite the achievement (pats self on back). The way I see this snakey snake world work, I wouldn't be surprised someone rips the idea to try make a quick buck. This concept is your baby now @TheUltimateNoob, thou must owneth doth precious. If you really want it, send it to the universe and it may just come knocking.
  11. Greetings Fam So I've been around the weed scene for a while now, trying to keep track of whats going on and up to date with the latest laws. I must say, Cape Town has a BOOMING cannabis community and I wish I was closer to there to actively contribute to the scene. The thing is, even disregarding the lockdown, a lot of us can't travel at leisure for personal interest just like that. Gauteng and JHB have their hydro peeps that are growing some absolute fire as well. These places I've mentioned also have like proper cannabis stores and such, with a multitude of secret smoke shops, cafes and dispensaries. Now I do know that KZN (Durban and surrounding areas mostly) have their fair share of spots, but it's nothing when compared to the likes of those in CPT or the accessibility of the spots in JHB. We do have 1 dedicated grow store that I know of (not saying there aren't other based in KZN) but our Canna community just doesn't feel the same. What I would like to see is more community organised Cannabis events that are brought about by the community of growers that are confident enough to host such an event, and it would be awesome if those events can touch base in Durban more often than the likes of the CannaExpo and such. There are many things that can take place at the event but I guess the main aim would be to better connect the network of growers in KZN and hopefully help those that have the means to grow but just don't know how - because lets face it, growing is complicated if you starting off from scratch with just a seed, soil and a want to grow your own. The event should ultimately promote locally produced, quality products to show everyone that the companies in SA know their stuff and can give you the same type of products for a lower cost. Information online can be very misleading and it sets a lot of people on the wrong path from the very beginning. I've met so many people in Durban who want to grow, or who are growing, but are just doing things wrong because they don't understand the basics. For example, not knowing that it's better to compost organic waste and then use the composted mix, or not knowing that your roots need oxygen as well. So yeah... I don't know if what I've said makes complete sense, but i hope you guys get it. For what it's worth, I would be interested in helping in such events or anything in future if anyone reading this does actually take action and get this off the ground (I would if I had the means). Just browsing the subforums and decided I'd leave this here as it seems like the right place.
  12. Should've entered this Anyone know of any other comps right now?
  13. South Africa’s Greatest Cannabis Growing Competition – Is Here! Zootly’s Cannabis Cup welcomes growers of all levels! June 2020, South Africa: Weed growers can now compete for the title of supreme, Mzansi cannabis cultivator – South Africa’s number one cannabis cup. The country’s best marijuana judges will be ruling on four criteria and most importantly, a grand first prize worth R12 100 will go to the winner! Sure, there’ll also be a trophy – because this is the first-ever Zootly’s Cannabis Cup – South Africa’s number one cannabis cup. President Seeds, the main sponsor of the event, believes the waiting is over and after two legal growing seasons, it is about time to see if South Africans have developed green fingers. “We’ve collaborated with President Seeds a few times, and their product is spectacular,” says Neil Liddell, Founder of the Haze Club, “It’s through collaborations like these that our company has been able to operate at the ragged edge of what is legally allowed. As a community we believe that growing cannabis opens so many potential avenues for South Africans.” The organisers of the event also realised that as everyone is home due to COVID-19, this makes it the perfect time to really hone in on their horticultural skills. Garden Route Genetics:- After searching the foot hills of South Africa for the very best local talent Zootly discovered Garden Route Genetics. By far the best local breeder and we are immensely proud to include them in Zootly’s Cannabis Cup. To make this an unbiased competition the whos-who of the local cannabis industry has been called in to judge. Dave and Quin from the DQ Central Show; Neil from The Haze Club; Craig and Leah from MyCityByNight; Dean and Andrew from Marijuana SA; Trenton and Mitch from Boogaloo Africa; Chris, Derek, and Dave, from Zootly. The adjudicators will be judging the best bud by the following criteria: Aesthetics: trichome development, resin production, bud density, and manicuring. The Smell: is it fragrant? Taste: we want to make sure that it is a tasty harvest. And finally, the effect, the strength, and feelings of the high. In the initial rounds of adjudication it will be strictly about the aesthetics and smell. Once the top 12 have been finalised, then the judges will have two weeks to sample the top buds. This will all be done through blind tasting, with each flower being given a number. Right, how does one enter the first Zootly’s Cannabis Cup – South Africa’s number one cannabis cup? You will need to register your entry by Sunday, 21 June, 2020. To enter, you will need to pay an entry fee of R500. This will get you a complimentary 3 pack of the President Seeds feminized seeds or a 6 pack of Garden Route Genetics regular seeds of your choice which are to be grown for your entry, rolling papers, and stickers, as well as a digital kit of elements to use on your social media. If you already have one of these breeders seeds or have already started growing them you can enter at no charge. Finally, once you’re ready, you’ll need to submit 12 grams of dried, cured, and manicured flowers in a sealed jar, with the President Seeds or Garden Route Genetics strain name and your name on it, by Saturday, 31 October, 2020. How you grow it is up to you! We know that this is indoor season, but we’ve seen miracles. So, perform one. For the winner of South Africa’s first Zootly’s Cannabis Cup – South Africa’s number one cannabis cup there’s a California Lightworks SolarXtreme 500 rig, worth R12 100, waiting for you. The runners up don’t go home empty handed, 2nd place gets a R2 500 voucher from Zootly, and 3rd place wins a R1 100 voucher from President Seeds. If you think you have a green finger and are capable of growing amazing cannabis, this is your moment to shine.

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