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Yocan Vaporizer 2023 Christmas Giveaway Winners List

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The joyful Christmas activities have come to a perfect end. Here I wish you all a Happy New Year 2024. Did you get the biggest discount in the new year? Bought a product you like? Participated in an enjoyable activity? The official Christmas giveaway organized by Yocan has ended. Thanks again to every member who participated in this event! The 8 winners of this giveaway will be announced below!


This Yocan Christmas giveaway lasts for 13 days. Thanks to the 8 award-winning participants for their long-term support during the event. The champion of this event is: Larry Woods, the second winner is: Pierre Laliberte, the third winner is: Michael Frederico, the fourth winner is: Carter Burgs, the fifth winner is: Fernando V, Each of them will receive a Mysterious New Year gift package (more than 8 prizes) officially prepared by Yocan. The sixth place winner is: Kyle Bailey, who will receive the Yocan Cylo and Yocan Zen. The seventh and eighth place winners are: Tamie Deel, Bruce Glickman,They each received a set of Yocan Cylo.
Congratulations again to the above eight winners, please pay attention to Yocan’s official award email. We will contact you via email to obtain your prize delivery address information. All prizes will be mailed to your designated shipping address by Yocan official free shipping!

Don’t be discouraged if there are no winning employees. Stay tuned for the next Yocan giveaway! If you have a favorite Yocan CBD vaporizer, you can leave a message on the Yocan official website. We will use it as a prize for our next event.
We look forward to your interaction with Yocan.

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