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Found 5 results

  1. Let get this ice broken...... @Totemic,@420sa , thank you for allowing me to take part in this. And good luck to all the other guys and gals taking part. Attached is my photo of entry... Man just getting the photo ready gets me excited. Whoo yeah [emoji38][emoji12]. Can you feel it can you, can you.??????
  2. Good Afternoon, Late to the party but here we go. Thanks to 420SA, Totemic and High Co for getting us this far. Seeds recieved and soaking for 24 hours before moving to seedling mix.
  3. Seeds has arrived just in time for germination day😌 Let's get it popping SA🔥🔥🔥 ---------------------------------------------------------------- DIY LED light setup +-235watt 3x Vero29 running at 68v 1x HLG-240H-C1050B 3x Anthelions
  4. Hello fellow outdoor growers. I can't wait to start the new outdoor season. Seeds ready and waiting. Soil cooking. Net house on the go. Companion plants germinated. Just want to drop those beans..
  5. Hello and welcome to my 420sa Indoor Growoff journal Thanks to @Totemic for supplying us with his genetics! I've always wanted to grow your beans man! @Toby for availing himself for collection and a quick joint. And last, but definitely not least @420SA for throwing this all together in such a kwaai way. We appreciate it okes! Thanks for giving US this awesome opportunity. Good luck ladies and gents! My setup is as follows Tent - 120x70x165 Light - QB288v2 Folux LED Medium - Jiffy's and then Freedom Farms Premium Growing Medium Nutrients - BioBizz Trio and whatever additives I'll need. Seeds in the packaging Going swimming, 29/05/2019
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