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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Ladies and Gents - looking for someone that has good to great grow knowledge, and that has seen or experienced this issue before - i have spent hours scouring the web, and found a bit of info, but conflicting......leaves are droopy and they not growing- funny though, overwatering and under watering and wind burn can all look the same from what i have seen on web images, but no solution forthcoming So i bought the tent, the lights, the fans, soil nutrients ph/hygro meters, germinated 20 seeds, As a 1st time indoor grow person, i used bag seeds as i thought i would get my brain around it before spending the big bucks on the real deal seeds. Also, bag seeds means i may get a lot of males so now in a position to chuck those if /when they rear there heads.....Anyhow i have the following 1,2x1,2 x2m tent, 2 x cob cree 100w(pull 54w) optic 1, i germinated (paper towel+bags method) then stuck the seeds into small cups for a week. i then used an 6500k 85w cfl to stretch them a few cm. i hardly watered them, but from what i see and have read i have overwatered them - I am using the hydroponics store organic soil, and have had them 20 deg C @ night to 25 deg C day(give or take 2 deg either way) I transplanted from small 200mm cups to 1Ltr ish pots after a week, and started using the COBs - hanging at 60-75cm per manufacturer instructions I have not given anything other than RO water between 6 and 6,5ph - and when i take ph reading water in and water out it differs by 0,15 They look sad - seeds popped on 12-14th so they been growing for 16 days - they look small, a tad asymmetrical(deformed), some have red/purple stems others green. Fan was on them but no gale. So i watered them after leaving them for 4 days, soil was dry and watered again this morning, as if they were under watered it would show improvement by now surely, i am at a loss. i even sacrificed one really weird looking one (good cotyledons but seriously deformed true leaf)- it had a long root(amazingly so, for a small plant) good root ball, and soil was ever so slightly damp, so doesnt seem to be overwatered. I have given a mouthful here, but only to try illicit an informed response by giving all the info i could, looking forward to some comments - bin them and start over or preferably find out and fix Thanks and LIVE FREE
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