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  1. Just to conclude , I harvested yesterday
  2. Yes , all the white pistols have gone now
  3. So guys , this is how it looks now , I don't see any white pistols , only brown pistols , so I need some opinions on harvesting thnx
  4. ok , thanks so much to all the replies , Ill leave it until , most ( 90%) of the pistols are brown , then harvest , from what I read thats best for good THC content , atm I still see too many white pistols. at 2.5 m tall , this plant is the biggest Ive ever grown - lol :):)
  5. yeah , its got seeds , what can I do ?...... , its growing outside , its 2.5 meters tall ! 🙂
  6. Hi Some pics of this plant. I see many pistols are brown and curling , I can't see the trichromes , I planted on 22 September , so I need some opinions , thanx so much
  7. This plant was dying rapidly so I harvested it , here are some pics. It was growing outdoors in a not so good place. I am wondering what to expect after curing ?
  8. Buju


    Hi , been growing my own for 2 years now , I grow in my garden , I'm still learning but last year got a pretty good yield that's lasted me a whole year
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