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  1. My teacher and I once stumbled on a plant and he picked one of the leaves, examined it closely, showed it to me and said in the most hilarious voice "Is that marijuana?" Sent from my Royal R2 using Tapatalk
  2. Okay fantastic! I have such high hopes for these plants provided they're females [emoji23] I'll attach some pics later Sent from my Royal R2 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi all, my name is Liam and I've decided to grow weed I sprouted some seeds and planted them in our super sunny courtyard, we're in Cape Town I have a green thumb already so my plants (2 of them) are about a month and a half old and are doing quite well They're strong and healthy, growing taller every day and I've already got 7 bladed leaves My question is: Is it normal for second stems to be growing out of the spot where the first leaves attach to the stem? So I noticed this the other day when I went to water them, there were tiny leaves growing on the spot where the leaves attach, like I said I thought it was just leaves but now a full fledged stem is growing from there xD. Idk if this is normal because I've never done this before If anyone could shed some light I'd appreciate it
  4. Thanks Justin, I'm sorry for your loss and we'll keep you updated on further developments Sent from my Royal R2 using Tapatalk
  5. Hi Danny, thanks for sharing your story, I appreciate you taking the time [emoji106] I should mention that this is sanctioned by my mom and I was given tacit approval by a therapist, even though my mom doesn't like it cos of the smell lol. Anyway my mom wants to say a couple words just to provide some context and add a bit more background Also, no offense taken [emoji23] it's good to be a little abnormal Here's my mom's views: I'm the last person anyone would ever expect to advocate marijuana, not because I disapprove of it, but for purely asthetic reasons, I dislike the smell, and the effects on me are anxiety producing, however my son was diagnosed very late in his life at 12, with aspergers as he's said, prior to which he was volatile and difficult and he struggled year on year to get a correct diagnosis for his behavior. Over the years he was put on a variety of expensive and unhelpful medicine with terrible side affects, none of which alleviated his symptoms, in fact for the most part they exasperated his symptoms, in particular his anxiety. He became so overwhelmed with feelings of fear and terror when performing seemingly simple tasks that he would pass out. So dire were the effects of his undiagnosed condition on him, it had a huge impact on family and friends. It was a huge relief when he was diagnosed with aspergers, as we finally had something to work with and he underwent counseling at a local hospital. However I was given a grim diagnosis by the leading psychiatrist, that because of such a late diagnosis, his chances of learning communication skills, feelings of empathy and compassion and maturity were very slim. It was also noted that his muscle coordination would probably remain sub-par. I was warned that when he hit puberty, round about the age of 14, he may become so violently aggressive he may need to be institutionalized for a period of 6-12 months, if not longer. The nature of high functioning aspergers means that he has a highly developed brain in certain areas, however it is "generally accepted" that his emotional growth is highly stunted. He researched a number of options in terms of how to manage his condition as he understood it, given the limited amount of information he was handed to work with. He proposed to me that he try the use of weed. My initial reaction was immediately yes, strange but true as we had explored many other options. I watched Liam over the following weeks to asses whether he would abuse the substance or use it wisely to manage his condition. I have allowances for the fact that he is still a teenager and would initially enjoy it as a recreational substance more than a medicine (no other family members were involved in this at the time). He, as any teenager would, did have an initial reaction of euphoria and curiosity, however over time I watched him mature and grow, he was more patient with his sisters, more tolerant with his environment, more considerate toward other people's feelings (something he was never predicted to overcome). A few months after he started smoking, he joined ninjutsu, in which he has excelled, despite requesting that I not inform his instructors that he had this condition as he wanted to be judged on merit alone. He has matured into the polar opposite of what was predicted, and as a parent im far too smug about this . He is by no means perfect, no one is, but without any knowledge of him using marijuana, reports from his tutor, grandparents, family and friends, rolled in thick and fast during the course of the year, attesting to the massive change in his behavior, attitude and maturity. His intellect is frightening and sensitivity is unprecedented for someone with his condition. He does not abuse marijuana and by abuse I mean smoke in excess or outside our home, or make a fool of himself whilst using. He and his father (my ex), have had a difficult and abusive relationship, his father verbally, emotionally and physically abused him, baited and provoked him into a physical altercation for a year after our separation. It was through my own fault that I allowed him to do such to me, thereby causing Liam to physically lash out at his father, who smiled throughout the entire incident, after a year of knowing about my sons medical use of Marijuana decided to inform social services of this. I have also been called up on a number of issues that I'm more than happy to face in court, however I believe my son should be allowed to continue to use marijuana as it has had no negative affect on him and continues to benefit him in unimaginable ways. To remove this medicinal healing aspect from him would be very detrimental at this point. I am prepared for the fact that South African law may not be accepting of this as he is a minor and would require a medical license in order to continue smoking marijuana in the evenings However id like to bring it into the public eye so that a precedent can be set for the use of medical Marijuana in cases that are not typically specified, eg cancer and glycoma, if nothing else I would hope that more research would be done into its benefit in other areas. So if you would like to show your support, please let us know and we will inform you with dates and times in which you could attend court hearings and/or assist with information regarding South African law about the use of marijuana at home, any medical or psychiatric perspectives or simply show your support Please leave your details below or in a private message if you wish to get involved Thanks for providing this forum and we can't wait to hear from all of you Sent from my Royal R2 using Tapatalk
  6. I love cod zombies, I have probably logged over 2000 hours on bo1, waw and bo2. I also play a lot of Minecraft although not as much as i used to I also love having a puff and playing GTA V, cant beat that one ha Thats what i play the most lol
  7. Hi everyone, my name is Liam and I am 14 years old, living in Cape Town and I started smoking weed around december 2016 I have high spectrum aspergers syndrome and I have been on many different kinds of prescription medicine throughout my life In addition to this I've struggled with depression in my life, I also have insomnia and anxiety that can cause serious nausea. I have never been helped/affected by the meds that were prescribed to me. After trying weed I started sleeping, I was able to control the crippling nausea due to anxiety and stress. i used to constantly self harm and was very depressed. Since I started smoking weed I have not self harmed in many months, like I said I've actually been able to get to sleep and it's really helped me and balanced me out. I do not abuse it as a medicine, I only smoke after 6PM and have no more than 4 joints a night. My father (emotionally and physically abusive for 12 years) has alerted Social Services of my use of the herb as he smelt it when he returned my sisters after taking them out (i do not speak to him as he and I cant speak without fighting) and social services (they have some other minor issues with us, my dad has lied and bent the truth) have threatened to remove me and my sisters from the home unless I attend drug counseling (and we fix the other stuff) I have many people who will attest to the maaaasive change in my character since i started puffing, and I think I'm much better off using it I am just posting this to see what the community thinks and to get some ideas on how to protest this. Any advice or help would be greatly appreceated -Liam
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