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    Protector of the Chocolope... Keeping it pest free just for me😝
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    2 weeks ago when I topped the small plants, the tops went in a jiffy and under a small cake dome and left alone. I always do that when topping, trying to clone an immature young plant is always interesting and I believe gives a good idea of the plant vigor. Its also pretty cool as if she survives you have a symmetrical base to start with opposed to alternate with a mature clone. Great for your OCD This one took 12 days for the roots to poke out the jiffy, which is better than most plant I tried propagating at this stage.
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    He or she is growing. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Good morning everyone, Time for my update!!! I have yet to top my plant... Unfortunately I was too quick with my eyes and thought I saw developing sex... But I was wrong lol... Just more side branching 🤣 I have started training my plant, as you can see, iv opted for a method I can use that doesn't involve tying the plant to the lid or the DWC. Mainline in progress 💪
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    HSO black dog 🔥 the diamond cut 💎 LED grown living soil organics. It's smokes better than it looks 😊 56days flower
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    Grow update (week 7) Garden greetings everyone I have not been able to tend to the garden lately, but managed to get a few pictures of my contender for the competition. She will get a decent cleanup in the week and some Lst to expose all those inner branches. I will not take the fan leaves off yet, just bending and tucking away for now. This will be the pot she flowers in, hopefully not a bad choice, i just do not have time to do a transplant now. This has been such a pleasure to grow, i have done about 3 grows so far and it was some good bag seeds that I saved, but to see and smell this plant mature and grow and its beautiful structure is so rewarding, good genetics really makes a difference and it is clearly visible to me, I doubt I will ever grow bag seed again. @Totemic Dude well done, if you ever in the future need some growers to test your genetics, Bro both my hands are up! 🙌👌 I will update some pictures after the Lst.
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    High Guys Data issues lol. Below are my ladies stretchimg some more , Been feeding them 500ml per 2 day cycle almost half a meter high, topping them today. Blessed SBA Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Just got back a while ago, checked up on the Chocos and all looking good. I took these pictures for now, will do a decent update tomorrow if get a chance, bit of gardening to do, saw 2 females I think, but will confirm, bit kus now. Vrede, hope errrybody is keeping well.
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    Nothing much to report on this weeks update. The plants have recovered from their topping, and the tops have taken root. The clones have been switched to a 12/12 light cycle but no signs of sex yet. Other than that, just a repotting is need urgently, just waiting on them clones... Number 1: Number 2: Number 3: Clones:
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    Hi all, The three remaining ladies are coming on very nicely for week 7/8. They will be receiving a transplant, defoliation as well as LST'ing soon, but here are the latest pics so long. I'll soon be choosing the participating lady, how will be hard to say as they all seem equally happy 😕 They have recently received a cocktail of Biogrow, Fish mix, molasses, aminomix, kelpak and biodyne evironoc 401. Conditions are about 19-24°C on average, and RH 59-80%. 🍁 
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    Taking a flash photo lights out- and woah does this beauty look frosty AF! Every grow is different but this one looks like it’s going to make me proud- first gen Tangerine Dream From Barney’s Farm seeds. Mmmm....
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    Diary update (2019/07/17) I finally did some training on plants 2, 3 and 4 (plant 1 is growing very slowly). I saw @PsyCLown using the clips and it worked out very well. Hopefully I'll get some idea on which are female in the next couple of weeks as I don't have much space now
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    After quite some deliberation, here are my 5 entries: Gorilla God Entry #1 Gorilla God Entry #2 Gorilla God Entry #3 Sugar Black Rose Entry #4 Sugar Black Rose Entry #5
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    Week 8 Going into week 8 and things are looking good. I have been very attentive to the temperature over the last few days. Worried about recurrence of PM ( not on the Chocolopes - duly inspection daily confirms this). Secondary growth now really starting to show beautifully. No signs of sex yet or alternating nodes but I'm hoping by the end of this week or next that will have changed. Had a slight nute burn on one (heavy handed tjop) but seem to have stemmed that with a PH flush. All in all rather happy with progress otherwise. My hope's are that #1 & #2 are at least fems. They are showing the best development and even though #2 is topped, its showing significant recovery time and looking solid. I also have my eye on #5. The smallest baby with very strange twists in its leaves but sometimes these produce the sweetest fruit 🍇 Peace and clouds ✌️💨🍁
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    I topped them after taking the pics so next upload will show the FIM I did. Thinking of giving them darkness to see what their sex is.
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    Still growing . Training the one and no training on the other. Explogrow thats it .
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    Diary Update, week 9 Hey all, update time. Yup, #2, the prime contender..., is Male. I'll keep him in veg, for now till I decide whether I want to try some breeding. That makes #1 the competition plant, and it's definitely female. Grown a bit lopsided with the crowding and light setup, but still got another couple weeks before switching.
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    9Week 9 - I am away so had to update early so I don't miss next weeks diary entry I did a slight defol on all the plants to let them "breathe" a little better. The 2 topped ones (2 and 3) have made great progress in their recovery. Kinda wish I had done more training on some of the others... oh well. My eye is still for #5. I hope all are ladies but #5 with her little twists is my underdog. This is all for now. Hopefully when ibam back I will notice a big difference. Peace and clouds for the week ahead.
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    Day 57 Female 10 nodes, 1.5 cm internodes 24 cm high, should start getting bushy Enjoying her new pot, light and environment. Expecting some really good growth over the next 2 weeks. @Totemic strain seems very sensitive to light burn, also noticed it with some of the other grows.
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    Chocolope 001 is growing beautifully. Replaced water in containers. PH 6.1 PPM 1000. Lights are 0.5 meters above canopy.
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    Update 8, did some maintenance on Sunday (14th) and found 1 female, moved her into her final pot. I'd say the transplant went well. Then tonight I found another female. So this weekend I'll be doing another transplant. Hopefully there'll be another lady in the mix? As you can see, they've grown a bit in the last 4 days, even with the cold temps. I haven't hit 21 degrees in ages, so I think we'll be getting losta small buds, but only time will tell yeah. Pot prep, fresh soil, added some bokashi bran and turbogrow in the mix. Lined the base with myco and some more b bran. Not bad for 14 days in this pot Sunday after the transplant, lady training and watering. 30 mins ago @PsyCLown, my phase 2 pot is 17.5cm. Picked them up at the hydroponic.co.za @420SA, it was coming maatie 😉 Just had alot of kak to deal with today. When are you guys flipping BTW???
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    Diary Update @Kgrows @highchome Thanks for all the advice. Still learning a lot. Will be getting an EC meter over the weekend. I think my fertilizer might have been a bit hectic to start off with, so I've dropped it, and it seems to have worked out a lot better. Part of my problem might have been that the plants were running too cold. I tried some added calmag to a foliar spray and the Jack Herer (yellow plant) loved it, the chocolopes on the other hand did not. All new growth looks very healthy and there is a lot of growth lower down on the plants. Here they are currently:
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    Week 8 Growth really starting to speed up, hoping to be able to catch. Wont be topping these babies so will just keep them going so not to stress them any further.
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    Hey so the person I askes to take a pic was on the old side on not too familiar with technology🙈 so pics aren't really any good.. plants have only been repotted Friday and still a bit cold that side so growth has been a bit slow. Hopefully some solid growth will happen before August.. stil just been using fish tank water.
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    Dinafem Critical Kush 🔥🌿☀ Sun grown winter nugs 🍋🍋🍋
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    Grow Update week 6: Garden Greetings everyone. Nothing much to report, growing as expected, I actually forgot to give them nutes with the last watering but they actually doing so well and happy. Topping was not needed as the plant did it already. I will be adding some explogrow with the next feeding, first time using it so will be nice to see the effects. I have not noticed any signs of sex yet but keeping a close eye on things as I can do with some space in the cupboard.
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    Today they were topped at the 4th node. These tops were made into clones, the substrate I'm using is still the Freedom Farms Formula 1 and the rooting hormone used us the Dynaroot No.1. I cut the stems at a 45 degree angle and then cut of the next nodes fan leaves and growth sites, leaving only top. The stem is then dipped into the powder about 1-2cm deep(covering the cleaned node). Then they were placed into the soil and sprayed with tap water, and the tips of the leaves were cut off. The clones were then placed into my cupboard on the heat mat under the UVB bulb and the tray was filled to about 0.5mm with water. The clones will be given 1-2 weeks to root and then I'll flip them to 12\12 and then hopefully we can start making some decisions The mother plants were then placed back into the tent and placed on top of pot to temporarily raise them closer to the light. Number 1: Number 2: Number 3:
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    Photo I took yesterday, not very creative but super cute 😊
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    Hey guys and gals, apologies for the late update, made arrangements to update over the weekend only to fall ill and well things didn't go according to plan. So the only real update this week is I've potted up the ladies and placed them in the big tent, this should encourage them to grow with a little more impetus. Hopefully the next update we can visibly see the difference. Hope you all have a cracking week ahead.
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    2 plants max, 5L final pot for flowering [emoji1787]that's a grand a month please sir. No sorry only got 15g dried. I wonder if you'll pay more or less for when the plants veg and when they flowering, obviously there has to be a month of veg included too. So it's R2700 for growing and R400-500 for beans. To get two plants growing? Phew.... Sent from my G3312 using Tapatalk
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    The second clone has also rooted. Took a bit longer , 13days. But it is looking glorious !
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    R2298/R150 a g(im talking chronic) gives you 15gs right now.Now you must spend that and still wait 2 months which is optimistic at best for 30gs? Plus you probably going to be buying anyways until they harvest for you so,so imo its a waste .just my 2c lol
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    But what happens when they have a bad run... Or seeds don't germinate... Or they run into problems...... Lose everyone's plants... What happens when shit hits the fan for whatever reason? I would love to support these guys... But there are too many variables and risks where, me, the end user takes the brunt if it all falls down. I would personally love to grow for everyone in the world... But I can't... Legally... And maybe I'm jealous or something... But if I can't do it, they shouldnt be able to either
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    Thanks to everyone who has a view on this venture - some interesting questions. I'm indirectly involved in the business, but probably the wrong person to answer detailed technical questions. We have a botanist (Greenthumb) who is responsible for the growing ops, so I will ask him to provide the info. Fundamentally though, The Haze Club was set up as a service to grow for people who either can't or don't want to grow their own. IF you have the knowledge, interest and time to do it yourself, this would be the way to go (why pay anyone else to do what you can do yourself?). But most people don't.
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    Removed the top left plant to make space for OpenGrow system probes. The plant looked the worst anyway. Had a rough week with pH fluctuations, but I think the pH takes longer to settle with air stones vs. a water pump. Could be wrong?
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    I have, since placing this question, reduced watering by a lot. Only water every 2nd day, every 3 time is feeding. Use a lot less water when watering too, so the runoff is a moerse lot less than before. I also use between 1.5-2lt on 25lt pots and about 500-750ml on 5lt pots. Must admit, since changing it to this routine the plants have increased in grows much faster than before. @KushNewbie thanks for the link, some interesting replies, but I think i will rather not re-use runoff water on my cannabis. So now i just toss that runoff into outside garden.
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    My friend bought a 320w second hand quantum board from a guy on gumtree. Worked fine when he bought it so today he worked on his new setup and when he switched on the light a few of the pannels fried. He gave Growopz a call today and explained his problems. He is now at home with a working light fried pannels replaced free of charge same day. I think this is excellent service and growopz.com needs to get the recognition for his great after sales service. Well done and respect
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    So I can confirm that both my Chocolopes are female! I shall have to make a decision soon as to which one I am going to proceed with and which will be kicked to the curb!
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    Hi Guys, once again, thousand apologies Alot of life happening my side. Got promoted at work, so even more craziness, but its all good. Anyways, back to the update. Still going slow. I want to repot with different soil. Think the aeration is not good. Seems a bit dense. I suspect its preventing good root development. Will see how it goes. I have removed all the bottom leaves, its about 25 cm tall. Definitely not my best grow, but will nurture it accordingly. I
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    A month from now is the forums 5th birthday! It could not have been possible without the community keeping the embers glowing. We have witnessed so much change in the country around Cannabis, and await so much more. Happy birthday 420sa.co.za Hope the next 5 year snapshot of this cannabis community is epic!
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    High guys So turns out im still going to he around a bit [emoji1787][emoji119] Ladies stretching nicely after repotting and feeding #explogrow and a control grow of just water, big differences in all plants. Much love SBA Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Grow update Week 6: ~ Not much to say, growing nicely and no complaints, CkC #2 definitely a female and will probably be my lady for the competition. ~ Transplant to her final pot will be this weekend ~ bending the main stem to expose the lower nodes ~ Nice strong smell when handling her, different smell to the other strains i have going. ~ note to self, No more touchy touchy plants before work! You smell like a stoner's dream and a rain forest deep in Jamaica!
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