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    Update time We've got 3 Chocolope ladies and seemingly three different pheno's judging by plant structure and leaf shape. Plant 1 and 2 are quite compact with short internodal spacing and bushy. Their growth seems to be much slower. Our weather has been crap, stormy shit with wind, rain, lightning and hail- and lets not forget the 40deg days inbetween. Probably had an affect. Plant 2 also looks like she is getting ready to go into preflower. For the comp I'm going with Plant no3. Her growth was much more vigorous than the other 2 and she responded well to the toppings, creating a decent, relatively even and level canopy. And the dodgy weather doesn't seem to have phased her at all. Still feeding Seagrow and molasses with Epsom every other feeding. Going to bring in some Ecobuz Flower later on. Cheers Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    A very good evening to all. Hope all is well. Weighed up this week and got 24 gram dry bud on plant no 2 with very little popcorn buds. Including the popcorn probably around 28 to 30. That's the final figures on the main plant. Some pics of nugs below. The smell has somewhat come with the dry and few days cure, a nice earthy smell with citrus or similar undertones. Smoke is a nice energetic euphoric high which is what I was looking for by taking her down with little to no trichome production. Plant No5 yielded 28.5 grams dry, this one had a good deal more popcorn buds, I would guess around 35g in total. As said, I don't have a large enough scale to hold all the bud the show the total. I'm not competing in anyway so my word is my honour lol. This was certainly a most pleasant experience. I'm sorry I couldn't be more involved but I'm hoping that'll change sometime in the near future. I have 5 Chocolope that have been going for around 3 weeks outside in my own soil I've finally had the balls to make πŸ˜‚. So far so good, I suck a the journals currently and can't promise anything more with the outdoor run. That's why I have started with a outdoor journal. If it's okay with the powers that be I could post updates from time to time, I just don't want to be part of the competition as it probably won't be according to guidelines required. I can however guarantee on something special which I have in mind 😜. Have a freaking awesome weekend ahead guys and gals, be safe and live and learn.
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    @Ill_Evan There no such thing as Indica gives me couch locked effect and sativa gives energy its all subjective. My same strain produced a harvest that i felt like made me lazy and my latest harvest is an energetic one.....same strain. Just like a wine, how its grown and at what latitude and altitude its all different factors.... my theory.
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    Eiiiish ja, tore my rotator cuff snowboarding and it took a good 5 years to get back to normal, tried physio for a year at first but kept dislocating the shoulder doing the exercises. Ended up doing the bankart repair surgery with a fantastic surgeon and 4 years later my fixed shoulder is better than my uninjured shoulder πŸ˜„
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    Eishhh....Go for the doctor bruh. You can grow anytime, injuries cost bucks and take time to heal- but you have only one body so look after it. Learnt how to fall, the hard way. Pissed blood, broken bones, dislocated ''you name it'', black n blued. But it was awesome and I'll do it again in a heartbeat. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    I don't think there is anything wrong with you plants. They are pretty. Phenotypes most probably. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
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    So our grow is busting out at the seams.... Summer outdoor growing season is in full swing. But with that comes issues... ''Had'' a problem with some green grasshoppers and caterpillars that started munching everything.... Pic 1-3. Had to move some of our Swazi girls outside as the were getting too tall and we want to see how big they get in the ground. Pic 4. Duo of Herbnation Cheese auto's. Pic 5-6. LST/HST experiment doing well so far. Pic 7. Swazi Lady doing her thing and getting big and bushy. Pic 8. Swazi clones were cut for possible future breeding. Got some Basil, tomatoes and Palermo chilli's going in my soil to test suitability. Seems good. Lekker. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    I'm not too fussy on sativa/indica these days. I mean in reality how many strains are we really smoking these days that aren't just polyhyrids? Green Crack is often considered one of the most uplifting and energizing strains and yet it's still just a 60/40 hybrid. There's also too much phenotype variation to be able to straight up say sativa or indica (Unless one is smoking on full indicas / sativas or landraces). Personally though, I'll smoke whatever when ever. But I prefer growing Indicas for their fast flowering times and bud structure (not so much their WPM proneness though)
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    Thanks bud. This is the stuff... https://ppplastics.co.za/product/bidim-non-woven-geotextiles These are long ass rolls though! 75m-150m! I do remember now that someone mentioned that you can only get this stuff in a huge quantity not really viable for home DIY use. Unless we organise a collective purchase on the forum and split it
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    600w isn't all that much, 3A roughly. Standard 1mm wire will be sufficient for that length. Generally 1mm copper cable is rated at 10a or 16a I think - a few things which come into play but 1mm is more than sufficient.
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    That is correct, I think I will just focus on the confirmed female for the rest of the competition as she gets about an hours worth of more sun than the other two because of where they are planted. I actually had one that was growing insanely fast and big, it seemed that it would have outgrown my papaya female in the picture below, but then it is noticed all the balls forming on the nodes and had to pull.
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    I've now got the 2 plaintjies into bigger pots. I should have done it sooner but the doc cut 10 chunks of flesh out of my hands a few weeks back which put gardening on hold. They have been in the pots a week and are starting to take off. Plant A has really Phat leaves while Plant B has a slightly slimmer sativa vibe. The soil is a mix of Freedom Farms, Orgasoilux Elemental Blend, my own organic compost, and some pearlite and turbo grow mineral dust thrown in. Starting in with some weak biogrow in the water as well.
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    I buy my silver nitrate etc from them. Packages always arrive 2-3 days after order.
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    So the dry weight from my Chocolope came in at 84g dry. Not bad considering the size and how heavy I defoliated (schwazzing). I am happy with the yield, the effects are pretty good to truth be told. Scent on the bud taken out the jar is not great, once ground smells very nice.
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    The Gnome has finally come to play. Glad your up and running dude
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    @420SA that is usually how I ride, but for the roof I probably wouldn't.
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    I hope my seeds will sprout with this sudden temp change 20Β° drop i moved my seeds from outside to ontop of the ps3 but now this load shedding I hope i see strong sprouts
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    Fuck I missed - just pinched too much, 2 tops
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    Just messing around.. Fuck I missed - the way it should be done, 4 tops
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    Great looking plants so far Bos. Good to see guys have started selecting their "chosen ones"
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    She is very compact. One of the other chocolope plants has a deep dark green while her siblings is a more lighter green. Suspected nitrogen Toxicity but that wasnt it. Maybe it's just one if those things....
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    It is @SkunkPharm and @greenkush that have really nice DIY lights. Check their build threads. That's what I'm planning on doing. 350w of pure LED (samsung) goodness.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, a grow tent would be ideal but impossible due to the fact that I'm planning to build the cabinet on a small open balcony, I can push the dimensions to 50cm x 100cm but that's the maximum I can go, I was thinking to do 3 plants in 12L pots to fill up that area nicely. I'm glad to hear that a 1M high cabinet will be enough which means that the height of the cabinet will not exceed the height of the balcony railing so it wont look too bulky. Will 2 x qb70 lights from growopz suffice for the entire grow? Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
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    @Zah I am busy with a micro grow and finding space to be a bitch. I rate 40cm x 40cm to be ok per a plant, 50cm x 50cm even better. Otherwise they starting growing into each other and any training, defoliation or moving of pots becomes a PITA.
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    Proper jealous right now! Well deserved man enjoy πŸ‘Š
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    You should test it with the maximum length of cable you going to use. Then set up another ballast with a short piece of cable to lamp. Then check response times between the 2 when switching off and on when the lamps have reached full temperature. If they both respond the same then you should be fine. It you had a tong tester it would have been good to check how many amps each of the 2 are drawing. If there is a noticeable difference, then it could mean that one is working harder due to the extra cable length.
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    Sorry to hear that boet. Any issues, let us know if you need a parcel or some gummies. Trust you can play in the sun at least?
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    That so sucks - what if the dude claimed being a medical candidate? Fork - its time the fat bastards get this herb decriminalised and released for consumption in general. A lot of sick folks out there...
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    Males tend to grow faster than the ladies
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    😳😳😳 That's a nice tree
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    No love for the 50/50 hybrid?
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    Thanks for advice guys, will look into it with my last seeds.
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    I definitely enjoy Sativa highs more than Indica vibes. Each has their place, but an energetic buzz is my fix
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    Little bit of information on what i am intending Full organic made my own soil What i used Alfalfa meal Kelp meal Bone meal Zeolite Insect frass Malted barley Compost Worm castings Biochar Volcanic rock dust Coco peat Topsoil Cow manure Egg shells Fulvic acid powder And i only plan to feed with seed sprout tea, compost tea and water And I made my own 80l "fabric" pots This will be the final pots for 2 plants and others in the garden bed
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    Work better harder and longer with a sativa wake and bake.. Indica for movies and resting tired bones..
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    Eish - nice effort so far boet. AND enjoy the track up the mountain. I am nicely planted today - admiring your results.
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    Good job on the transplant, those plants would not have done well. I found some AACT helps with transplant recovery. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    So far so good!! They are looking healthy. Cannot wait to harvest these babies.
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    All orders have been placed with our suppliers - We did have a issue where two of the items were out of stock 😞 Contacted the respective persons to sort it out. Bit hard because we cant place the orders till the funds clear so some stock gets bought out whilst we wait 😞 Going to see how we can improve on it, though we bought a shit load of seeds and only had a issue with 2 of them. So something to work on. Awesome guys, will be sending out comms when we have updates and thanks for the opportunity! Have a lekker weekend.
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    That's a good question..... Not sure how much truth there is, but it seems the legeslation and regulation is going to be prohibitively expensive. Only 23K for a licence....nevermind land, water, eletricity, infrastructure and security requirements. (You can distill moonshine in your garage with a R100/year licence) Where is the small guy in this picture? Is there a place for a artisinal small scale grower like myself??? Starting to get the feeling that I'm too small a fish in this pond. (Speaking for myself-other members should add their own opinions) ''Cannabis Growers Cooperative'' anyone? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    A very good evening to all. The harvest went ahead this week with a nice and easy trim considering the few tops I had which assisted in the nice sized colas. Some pics below of what came of plant no 2. Don't have a sizeable scale only a little jewelers scale sort of thing so have no idea of wet weight. Will cut up once dry and weigh off for final amount. Have a fantastic weekend ahead y'all.
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    Closing down grow log.. This was really fun and a great experience. Congratulations to all that made it to the finish and able to smoke some nice heads now. I didn't get the total wet weight but dry weight before going into the jar was 38grams. Not massive but man oh man this is going to be a joy to smoke. Thank tyou guys for following along and all the advice that was shared. Welldone to the winners to be! And here we go, nom nom nom..
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    Greetings all, I harvested on Monday and Tuesday night. ~ I had to do a good trim before drying as I lost 4 big colas due to bud rot, ~ After the trim I was left with 315gram wets buds with no stems and leaves ~ Drying them in a box with a small Pc fan for air circulation. ~ I will de a decent report regarding height and all and all on the weekend with some more pics and bud pics. I will also do a smoke report when they done curing. ~ This was really fun to do and a great learning curve. ~biggest thing I've learned is better IPM is needed to succeed. ~ I cannot complain about the genetics as I know I did not make it easy for this lady and she had some hard times. ~ the Buds I managed to save is all chunky, meaty and hard, will definitely be a good smoke. Thank you to all involved, Thank you @420SA for not banning my ass for missing a few updates and being patient. I will be back for the next one and definitely going to be a contender then. @Totemic thank you!
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    Big Bertha.... 1.8m left to right. 1.6m top to bottom. Blue Kush by dinafem...
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