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    Yo guys A new reaction has been added. You can now "Agree"
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    It does look like a playboy bunny with an extra ear though. Dont change it. Its lekker.
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    How often do you water this lady ? How dry is it before you water ? Your plant should not be dropping so many leaves at 4 weeks , it is eating itself to form buds and is not normal at this stage . How hot does that pot get in the sun?
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    Dutch passion does a Charlettes Angel strain that very close to charlettes web . It is a pure cbd strain with under 1% thc
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    3500K spectrum with mixed reds, 800 true watts dimmable, what else do you want to know? My 800's are running in my other tent, I have a 2.4X1.2 tent and a 1.5x1.5 going.
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    I've also just decided to start perpetual growing. Will buy a second tent tuis coming weekend and start flowering the currently vegging plants. Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Hi i am asking this question on behalf of another grower, he planted a seed and forgot about the plant. And with all the rain we got recently, amazingly the plant grew and flowered without much attention from him. He didn't see when the plant started flowering,but has sent me photos of the buds. Can someone please advise me on wheter they think the buds are ready or not. Help will be appreciated.
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    Please steer clear of a character called Gareth Picton and his "business" Keystone seeds, formerly Wonderland Seeds. He operates under 2 profiles on Facebook. His Gareth Picton profile and alias profile Stone Ologist. Probably others The guy is an outright con, proven time and time again by the countless people he has conned and still he continues to operate and catch more people so hopefully you read this before he catches you too. He claims to sell legit seeds, feminised as well, that he sources from a local breeder. Just the other day a victim posted pics of his male plants grown from "fem seeds". He has conned one of our moderators with dud green seeds that didnt germ. He's most likely using bagseed or hemp seed... He also claims to sell cannabis oil.
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    Yeah, I'm not knocking clones. That spydr with 10 legs is sick. 🕷️
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    You may be able to get multiple harvests from her. Still 10 weeks left in the season - let her finish, be patient.
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    Don't replant it just up the waterings and try protect the pot from direct sun. Otherwise she is looking good bud , well done on your first go
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    Your QBs are effectively clones as well, unless you’re suddenly endorsed by HLG. 😂
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    We're still too new in this game. Maybe one day, a leafly like app will fix this Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Howzit guys Just launched our online store! Right now we're only selling organic growing supplies but will be expanding our options in the near future with apparel and paraphernalia. Hope you guys like. Feedback welcome. https://store.420sa.co.za/
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    @greenkush If you're comparing our QB fixtures to ordering Fluence clones direct from Chinese factories, or learning to DIY, it's kind of apples and oranges. My local competitors are Hortishop, GrowGuru, HydroHerb, Aeradix, Marigrowuana, Futurama, etc. - local companies, who hire locals, who contribute to the local economy. Eva in Guangzhou isn't a local competitor.
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    @greenkush i want a warranty on the lights...
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    Sorry about that. See that now best of luck
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    Yes I know, I have a few LED setups. In any event, you can build better setup that they have to offer and more powerful as well.
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    When I harvest I hang in a cupboard. If I harvest in winter with high humidity then I put a small fan on in the cupboard trying not to point it directly at the plant material. It is just for circulation. It needs to be in the dark as light will cause deterioration in thc content. In a previous life time I use to hang inside an outside room. Not worrying to much about light. And the outcome was favourable. Some times hanging for 14days to get it dry. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
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    I'm wondering whether heat was my issue too in retrospect. I had very similar symptoms to you Mellow. My plant has since made a remarkable recovery and all I did was make a small tweak to my feeding schedule. I did however go from a couple of weeks of very hot weather to a week of cooler weather and rain.
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    Dont flush your soil.... I am pretty sure it's a simple case of under watering and the medium getting to hot . That's a big plant for a smallish fabric pot so will be sucking up the water and in the hot African sun more than likely the roots are overheating as well
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    Maybe to be on the safe side.. flush your medium properly and add fresh nutrients. When my leaves fall off they are NOT yellow. see below pics btw nice bushy girls man! Right is week 6 flowering & left is week 1 flowering My leaves kinda turn dull dry out and fall off.
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    I would love a "I am baked" icon
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    Guys, things are getting a bit scary out there. And it's a topic that we, everyone in the cannabis community needs to try and resolve. In the past 48 hours the police have raided several Western Cape based growers, taking plants and gear and charging for dealing. I can't speak to the reality of these individuals actions, but some do claim to just be growers. And regardless, it is a situation that everyone should be made aware of. These raids have been on active members on the Cannabis Club SA group on Facebook, which a little scary since I've been pretty active as a personal use grower. It should be noted that the charges given have in most cases not been supported with evidence upon raids, yet they still arrest. Again, it's important to note that I can't speak to whether these individuals deal or not, but there have been some personal use growers who have been raided recently. The police have no incentive to stop at this point, they know the case will be thrown out but it doesn't matter because by the time that happens they already have the plants and gear. Some kind of accountability needs to be pushed on these cops that raid private use growers.
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    Still nothing wrong, it's completely normal... the only large leaves you'll be left with at harvest, is the fan leaves on the colas. Almost all the other leaves will yellow & fall off before then. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    With the feedback I've had from customers, a good grow with LM561Cs or LM301Bs can yield gram per watt, even at 60W. It's strain dependent, but there's a pretty strong correlation between wattage and yield. So with QBs you can estimate your yield in dry grams for a good run, with the wattage. Our minimum recommended wattage is 300W/sqm, (or 108W for 60x60). But it's just a guideline, for personal growing scrog-style (filling your area with canopy before switching). The 'pro's run 450W+/sqm. We're hoping to receive our new stock in about a week. Got a big backlog, but will try finish it by the end of the month, if all goes well. At R1399 for the QB-70 v2, it's a good deal. (When in stock :P)
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    My daily is a bong. Will spark up a joint if company is around and that's the preference for them but yeah nothing hits the spot like a nice ice cooled bong rip. This is her when she was new. Not as clean now lol I change water daily but deep clean on the weekend usually.
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    Looks like she was pollinated. Don't expect to much. Also very far from ready. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
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    That's been my daily driver for a while now. Sent from my ANE-LX2 using Tapatalk
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    Flower: Royal Cheese Hash: OG Bubble Hash Rosin: Cheese Rosin Pollen : Indoor Kief
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    Dude ever since I started growing I've been silent like a mofo on FB, won't find anything and that's the way to go for me. Even if they said its "legal" Sent from my G3312 using Tapatalk
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    At this point forums are probably the safest place to be. It is a lot easier for a police officer to see the name of someone on Facebook and then to just go from there. It would be a lot more work for them to get information from a forum where they need to serve court papers to the servers and then retrieve user information from the database. I think as long as one doesn't reveal personal information here it should be okay. The problem is one of two parts, corruption and ignorance. There are some officers who haven't read the directive from the commissioner which states that one should only arrest when one is certain that the individual is dealing, and if there is uncertainty, no arrest should take place. And instead, a summons be provided. The arrests are taking place largely outside of the law and only because they know that nothing will happen to them. Other officers are also aware of the fact that they don't get held accountable, so they just blatantly use the method to receive bribes. There was a case recently where a guy on the FB group was arrested with under 5g on him, the police apparently said they'd let him go for R8000 - otherwise the cell. They know the case will be thrown out, but no skin off their back. I'd like to see these counsels who are now formed to 'fight for legalization' actually stepping in and trying to mediate in this. There needs to be action from all these groups in going directly to stations and going directly to those in the higher ups and getting them to understand the officers below them aren't following their directives. And there needs to be more media coverage over false arrests, instead of just the anti-weed PR that police do when they get News24 and others to post the bust stories with photos from the scene.
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    Hard to judge from photos. Different strains do different things when their pistils near harvest. If he has pair of binoculars, he can look through them backward and it'll let him see the trichomes up close. This photo gives a good guide as when to harvest. https://goo.gl/images/jVxMTy
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    Load shedding kit Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    This goes mostly out to my fellow growers out there but it isn't a bad idea to have this document in your home where you consume in private either. Legal.pdf
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    Hi all Background first: Absolute novice grower. I'm growing a Dutch Passion Auto White Widow, outdoors, in coco. The breeder's notes say to harvest at 10 weeks, but this particular plant is now nearing the end of week 11. I did start bloom nutes late though, so was expecting to run past 10 weeks. My goal is to harvest half of the buds at maximum THC, and half at the point where some THC has broken down into CBN, and where the result should hopefully be more anti-anxiety/soporific. I would also like to flush the coco with pHed rain water for ~3 days before I harvest. There is still a fairly high ratio of white to brown pistils on the buds, but I have just noticed today that at least 10% (I estimate) of trichomes on the upper-most buds have turned at least faintly amber - while most of the rest are cloudy. However, if I look at buds further down the same branches, I see a mix of cloudy and cloudy/clear trichomes - most are at least partially cloudy. Also, I read somewhere that pistil colour on White Widows may be a bit deceptive, so I'm leaning towards ignoring the pistils. Given my harvest goals, does it sound like today would be a good time to start the flush? Also, should I aim to harvest the higher-THC buds first, and then give the rest another few days to develop before harvesting the higher-CBN batch? OR could I simply harvest everything at once, and then separate the upper buds from the lower ones, and hope that upper = more CBN and lower = more THC? Here are some photos of the buds. Sadly I couldn't get any through the loupe though. Main cola Upper branch Upper branch - photo taken 3 days ago. Included because lighting was better.
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    i would like to see seeds in the store that would be great
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    I would most definately put my soil up as available in the future. Problem with soils are their weight. That is why I have posted how I make mine. If you grow organics long enough you develop your own soil that works for the way you grow. My soils are heavy for example but then my plants are getting full sun and can cope with the "heat" of the soil. Most of veg my plants run a dark emerald green. But yeah, Im keen.
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    sick!! any chance we could buy some homemade super soils in the future?
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    I'm no huge fan of CNN but these documentaries are worth a watch... Sanjay Gupta used to be one of the many cannabis skeptics, until he admitted on CNN that him, along with pretty much the rest of the world, were deeply misled regarding the harms and potential of cannabis. http://youtu.be/hrVXRZY1_x0 http://youtu.be/i2qFDb8LExo
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