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Comcat testing

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Guys, this stuff is powerful and needs to be used with caution.

I've pushed the envelope on my testing, and have hit the plants 4 times in as many weeks. Not recommended unless you are using salts and are able to quickly identify problems and remedy them. The reason I mention salts is the speed with which you are able to tackle deficiencies or flush out salts if needed.

I'm at 5 weeks of flower, and I have a massive phosphorus deficiency at the moment. My last dose of comcat was without cibusil, and this is when the problem started. There is a symbiotic relationship between silicon (SI) and phosphorus (P). Silicon aids the uptake of phosphorus.

Here is an excerpt from a study I'm reading: "However, exogenous Si application alleviated LP-induced decreases in growth and physiological parameters. In particular, Si increased Pn by 65.2%, leading to a significantly increased biomass accumulation."

I don't think it's a coincidence that I'm seeing problems after an application without the combined use of Cibusil.

I have another room that I flipped on Saturday. Those plants have only had one application of Comcat just before the flip. I'm not going to give them another application. Let's see what happens there.

For the first room that has had 4 applications, I'm going to increase dosage of GHPF Pk Boost by 25% while also replacing my water only day with a feed. I have a 4 days feed cycle that looks like this:

Day 1 : Salt feed
Day 2 : Salt feed
Day 3 : Ph water
Day 4 : Fire Juice, Kelp, Fulvic feed

I will replace Day 3 with another salt feed. Let's see what happens....

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I have been keen to try Comcat as well, however sourcing it has been a bit of a mission and people not getting back to me. Sigh


Do you mix the cibusil and comcat together and do a single foliar spray?

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Yes, I mix it with Cibusil, Anngro and fulvic acid. I would not do more than 2 applications of comcat in a plants lifecycle and if using it in early stages of flower, make sure it is used in combination with Cibusil.

There is a shop in gauteng that has stock.

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