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Super Soil Mix - Expert advise needed -

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Howzit fellow growers.

I have quite a loaded question regarding my soil mix for the upcoming outdoor season with a pic of my jar soil analysis for reference.

I used Subcool's New Super Soil Mix recipe as reference and added a couple of additional amendments as per recommended ratios.

Note: No Wormcastings unfortunately.

Here follows my recipe and total volume is about 250L or 9 cubic ft:

Base Mix:

- 3 x 30l compost mix

- 3 x 20l potting soil mix (peat moss based)

- 1 x 20l sand (mix of mostly sand and fine clay from garden)

- 5 x 1kg Coco Coir bricks

- 1 x 30l bag Perlite


1kg Bone Meal

- 3 x cups Kelp Meal

- 3/4 cup Epsom salt

- 1 x cup Dolomite lime

- 1kg Soft Rock Phosphate

- 5L Biochar

- 1L Diatomaceous Earth

- 1L Insect Frass (BSFL)

- 1L Basalt Rock Dust

- 1cup Gypsum

- 1 cup barley seeds for kicks

This mix is currently cooking under a tarp until end Sept when i am planning to start using it.

Then as mulch, i will be using Alfalfa Mulch and maybe a cover crop (Clover, Sprouting Barley etc.)

Not going into feeding etc. Mostly rain water feeds and some Epic on occasion.

How does my ratios as per attached pic look?

Any feedback from a soil expert would be greatly appreciated ✌️



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1 hour ago, Bos said:

Biologically your mix will change a lot during the 'cooking' process. 

Looks like you have most of the bases covered nutrient/amendment wise.... maybe some AACT and a spade 'turning' every 2 weeks maybe?


Yes. That's the plan brother. Left out Bat Guano and Worm Castings but i reckon that i can always add rather than remove...don't want to overkill.

Will monitor the plant and add from there what is needed. No bottled nutes except for maybe some Biobizz that was left over from last year.

Thanks for the feedback brother✌️

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Super soil, as an idea is wonderfull, but in practicality its a bit of a tall order, pipe dream or panacea...upset apple cart....ohh damn!!!

We grow cannabis for reasons contradicting mother natures' intentions, not purely for the plants' procreation. 

Not even the Lords gardener, Mother Nature works like that. 

Naturally, the plants grow on the edge of forested or intermeadiate area's and during their 'lifetime' they recieve numerous organic nutrient inputs from decaying matter etc. that nature supplies. 



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Ja fully agree. Thats why we are trying to simulate that. The reason for me going the living organic route and home made soil is purely curiosity and saving cash. Like the idea of creating and experiencing the process. Bottled nutes, being labeled as organic or not just didn't feel right to me. Almost like steroids. I know that it works but consumerism plays a huge role in cannabis nutes and i am trying to steer as far away from that trap as possible.

I know that by adding all those recommended amendments is contradicting myself but goddamn i saved 50% of my hard earned money going this route thus far...And its blerrie lekker preparing my own soil and will be even more lekker to see my plants thriving in my own soil.

And to conclude. If anything goes south, i only have myself to blame and learn from the process.

Live and learn brother✌️

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