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Hortimix overwhelmed


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Can anyone please assist I'm totally overwhelmed with this veggies chart supplied with hortimix and don't have the slightest clue of what dosages to start with or what rate to increase strength or max strength for seedlings/veg and flower.. 

I'm totally lost and need some guidance for setting up a basic schedule for doing autoflowers and short photo grows of no more than 3/4 months 

Thanks in advance 


I'm running autopots with 60/40 coco perlite mix 



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Just wanted to read up.. then ran into this at Hydroponics.co.za ... Is about all you need. For your Autoflowers, you have to watch the plants a bit to see when you add the MPK. If you do not really know what I mean.. just send me the link to the seeds you want to run and I tell you what week you add the MPK and what ratios you give per week. Autos are faster.. so you have to run a bit more aggressive feeding regime.


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Not sure about the nutes etc but some observations on your Autopot setup. It’s very neat, well done. However you are going to need more space between the pots for you plants as they grow well beyond the pot dimensions. Secondly if you intend LST’ing you should consider drilling holes along the outer rim of the pots. Makes it easy to attach training wire.
You should also use one of the holes to cable-tie your air pipe securely so it doesn’t get ripped out accidentally when you need to move a pot and forget about the attached air line.

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