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High 420 community - Intro

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Hi guys,  been on and off the forum for a while. It's about time to say High🙌🏽

Tried a couple random grows using known genetics from some of the locally loved banks. With varied results because i Wasn't doing basics like environment control and of course drying in jozi climate is mostly too dry haha. I was just happy with the idea of my own home grown.

Stopped for a while but recently had some fun convos with my og grow bud and fellow 420 buddies and... boom, ended up back at the entrance of that rabbit hole with no end, loving it! 

Early days, a couple Ks down the hole and one word to describe my vibes - Hooked😁 

Looking forward to growing with the community - 1 Love 

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Thanks for the welcome CreX and Marzcanna! 🙌🏽

It only took a couple friends to fuel my "problem" initially.

Now with a whole 420 community fueling this fire, what could go wrong😂

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