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Looming Disaster


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Hi guys


I received my 240w today.


1. Packaging will not protect the light if there is a mishap in transit. There needs to be a solid thin piece of plywood / abs plastic / correx / polystyrene in the base of the box. Bubble wrap is good for absorbing a bit of bumping but won’t stop penetration.

Having said that, my light emerged unscathed.

2. No booklet / leaflet / link to any information whatsoever. (Or that I could see).

Well there is an instruction leaflet referring the power monitor box, but not the light spec / hang heights etc.

3. Wiring (connections specifically) is an OCD nightmare and although it is probably within regulations, I am not a fan of these new “push to contact” connectors, which work fine but if something happens in the tent, as can happen, and a little excess force is exerted on the connections, they are going to pull out. They are also exposed to moisture / humidity.

4. No coating over the LED’s. Some manufacturers cover them with a protective clear layer to protect from moisture.


1. Very very bright, great diodes (according to spec). I went for the “extra diodes” option, I count 576 on the board.

2. No coating on LED’s means higher intensity

3. Proper heat sink, anodised black. Elegant looking light.

4. Very effective proper outboard dimmer. Even though it seems to have a range between 10% and 100%, this is a great feature.

5. Top quality driver, not mounted on the heat sink.

6. Simple and effective single-point hanging system, however it is a bit on the long side. I will probably use two of my own adjustable ratchets.

7. Nice long cable provided between light and driver.


I decided to neaten up my wiring on this light, in so doing I also decided to exclude the little power-indicator box. It’s a really cool device but in the end I doubt I’ll reference it much. It ideally needs to be mounted in a hobby box to keep the wiring out of harms way.


All in all, I’d say great bang for buck.










The box I removed:




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Hi @Dookie69

Thank you for the feedback.

As mentioned from the beginning, we will take all feedback into consideration. We want to ensure our products meet our clients needs and wants and where possible, will adapt accordingly.

We are doing this to try and help the community and to make quality grow lights more affordable.


  1. We are looking into better ways to package our lights to further protect them from damage during shipping. Weighing up the various options, costs, additional weight and so forth to see what would work best for both us and our clients. We can provide insurance for shipping if required, however we understand it would be best to not have to insure ones order.
  2. We are working on some PPFD charts and will be including this with additional information with all of our lights once completed - we hope to have it all completed by the end of the month. We will also post it on our website and this forum for those who did not receive it with their lights.
  3. We have made use of the push connectors for convenience, we have not experienced any issues while using them ourselves and have not heard of any of our clients experiencing issues either. This is something we will certainly consider though - doing more of a hardwired option for the wiring.
  4. At this point in time, we do not have any plans on coating our diodes with a resin like some manufacturers do. All diodes will degrade over time with use. If this is something our clients want, then we will certainly take a look into it - just like the board with the additional diodes which we added to our stock due to demand from clients.


The power meter will be of more use once we publish our PPFD charts as they will include output at different power levels as well to help optimize power usage and efficiency.

The hanging wire provided is long, however there are multiple ways to use the hanging wire and some can lead to the hanging wire being short. Some even avoid the hanging wire altogether and simply make use of the rope ratchets. We will provide some pictures on a few ways to make use of the hanging wire and rope ratchets so our clients can decide on what the best method for them would be.

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I think you will go from strength to strength, because you have an open-minded approachable attitude, you listen to your clients and act / address issues promptly, sensibly and logically. This is commendable, nothing worse than lame excuses, passing the buck or wool-over-the-eyes BS.
I also like that your priority has obviously been making use of quality components versus a pretty looking package with nice packaging but inferior components.

PS Shot for the seeds!!

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Just yesterday I had to remove the dimmer completely because the light was fluctuating as a result of a faulty connection in the connector block. No matter how carefully I inserted the wires, there was not enough pressure on the thin wire to provide stable contact. I wasn't going to send any feedback because it's easy to replace, or you could solder the wires together, but I thought I would chime in when I saw this thread.

Other than this tiny issue, the light is GREAT

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