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Should we stock Head Honchos?

Should we stock Head Honchos?  

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  1. 1. Should we stock Head Honchos?

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this is awesome, just wana give a big thanks to @Cannabist for paving the way for the local breeders! more vendors should focus on growing the community, soon international vendors will want what we breed here, like @GGG said! we all know SA got great potential when it comes to cannabis. 

More Power to the Rise of the South Africa Cannabis Breeders! 🤘🤘🤘

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4 hours ago, Naughty.Psychonaut said:

we all know SA got great potential when it comes to cannabis. 

If you watched tonights hotbox show, and heard what Marc Emery was quoted on saying about the quality and variety available in South Africa, we almost there. Just got back from a roadtrip a couple days ago, and totally amazed at the variety of cannabiz happening, from cannabis soap bars, to books, cannabis clubs ( every town on the garden route ) , heard sanlam is insuring cannabis for a quater million at one club. Its an amazing time to be alive, but unfortunately Marc Emery also said something else to remember, hopefully the laws stay in limbo, cause like a trawling net, they going to slowly reel it in with regulations.

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@Chris Jay

As in all cases, the knife will always cut both ways, or in this case "be able to" cut both ways. I just invest my hopes and energies where I think it needs to be. Hopefully legislation passes in our favour, if only our damn "leaders" can pull their heada out of their asses. In that case I don't invest too many hopes, because that's will just bring a person down. way down.... so I am fully aware of the limbo show.

keeping in mind, though, how far we have come. like you said with all the cannabis infused products and such. I see cannabis products in every second pharmacy I go into. I have to say, I am almost certain we gona be the ball in our hands soon, we just gotta keep playing the game!!! 🤙

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