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This strain is currently the only cookies hybrid we stock. I'm not a huge fan of cookies strains, although they sure are pretty. This is one I would like to grow at some point though, and that was all the reason I needed to stock it. 😉

On a serious note though, this cross does include some older genetics (80's blueberry x NL#5) which should bump up yield and increase stability, while also adding a little something to the terp profile.

Let's do a quick run through the genetic makeup of this strain:

1. Animal Cookies - Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG
2. Headstash by Karma - (Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie x Karmarado OG) x Biker Kush
3. NL#5
4. 80's cut of Blueberry

Strains 1 and 2 are the mother, while 3 and 4 make up the father.

Have a look at the strain here : https://golden-goose.co.za/regular

If you're looking for a larger yielding cookie hybrid, this might be the answer for you.

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