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Hi guys,

My partner will be on the Hotbox show this Thursday to discuss Golden Goose, and to give away a sweet hoodie and a pack of seeds.

Which pack of seeds do you think we should give away? Unfortunately Headbanger is out. Not due to the price, but those beans are a little hard to come by. So we would like to retain our stock of that strain for as long as possible. I hope you understand.

Hopefully I can get a few suggestions from you guys before Thursday.


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8 minutes ago, PsyCLown said:


I think the Critical Banana looks pretty good.

Stardawg x Fire Alien Kush is also quite intriguing. 

Yeah both of those are definitely interesting. Im always tempted to grab a few packs for myself, but if I did that then pretty soon we would have nothing left to sell.

That Critical Banana looks good enough to eat though. Apparently it has more banana terps than the Banana Haze, which is the other Banana Punch cross.

I was sure Blue Grape Fuel would be everyone's choice, because... cookies 

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