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Black Friday Build Up 🔥 Now 50% Less

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Black Friday Build Up.

Prices drop 10% every week with 60% off on Black Friday Weekend. Stocks are limited!
yearld LED Grow Lights
yearld Pro 660W. SOLD OUT
yearld Mid 640W. SOLD OUT
yearld Pro 330W. Was R12 000, now R6 000
Green Smoke Room Seeds
Black Poison Feminised. Was R228, now R114
Super Gorllia Cookies Auto. Was R272, now R136
Bluetooth 3.0 Auto. Was R272, now R136
Big Bush Auto. Was R272, now R136
White Widow Fast Feminised. Was R228, now R114
Harlequin Pride Feminised. SOLD OUT
Silverback Zkittlez Regular. Was R137, now R68
Herbal Chef Stove Top Butter Maker
Small, Large, Extra Large. Was R640, now R320
Mars-Hydro Smell Proof Bags
Black. Was R300, now R150
420 Smart Trimming Clamp
Easy Harvesting. Was R500, now R250
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even less
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Dat yearld 330W Pro for my upcoming (fingers crossed🤞) 120x60x180 will be insane. So much want, so little funds. 😛

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