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Please Note - Delays For The Next Couple Days

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I wish the first post we made could be on a happier note...

Unfortunately both our office staff members were in a car accident this morning on the way to work. And while we are thankful that they are okay, they do have some minor injuries that will be keeping them at home for a couple days.

If you are placing orders/have placed orders over the weekend, we just ask for some understanding in this time. We usually aim to ship out within 2-3 days of payment being received. But we do expect some delays this week.

We will be shutting down the site for orders for the next couple of days to reduce backlogs of orders, and will bring it back online soon as we have a better grasp on when our staff will be returning.

We'll keep you posted if anything changes, but we do anticipate shipping to resume later in the week.

Sincere apologies.

EDIT: The injuries seem to be a bit worse than initially anticipated, with one part time staff member suffering moderate to severe injuries. Again, we'll keep you posted about the delays.

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@Biltong and Budz Sorry to hear about. I sincerely hope your staff get better soon.

I am a repeat customer and your service has always been excellent. Thank you for using this platform to communicate with your clients. Open and transparent communication is always appreciated in this day and age.

All of the best and hope to continue seeing your business grow.

Peace :-peace

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Sorry to hear about this guys. Just placed an order but no rush...

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