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Monthly Competition Rules

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Monthly Competition Rules



• All Monthly Competitions are open to ALL forum members except Admins. If no prizes are on offer the admins may take part.

• Each monthly competition requires certain criteria to be met in order for your entry to qualify for that month. Please see each competition's specific rules and make sure your entry meets the criteria.

• Submissions must be made by simply replying to the relevant topic with your pictures as attachments or embedded images.

• All entries must be in before the closing date and late entries will not be nominated.

• The Admins and Mods will elect the nominees. Each competition will have a maximum of 8 nominees.

• As soon as entries close a poll will be opened up and members will be able to vote(only once) for who they think should be the winner.

• Polls require a minimum of 20 votes to be declared valid. Should the minimum amount of votes note be met the winner will be decided by 420SA.

• Members who have joined the forum after the poll has begun cannot vote in the running poll.

• Winners will be contacted via PM from the admin for details



Plant Of The Month Rules


• Each member can enter a maximum of 3 different plants

• In order to assure authenticity you are required to take a picture of your plant with the date and your username or name handwritten/printed onto a piece of paper or whatever you choose. The main thing is that the tag with your username and date is tangible. No watermark tags will be accepted.

• Photos of plants must please NOT be taken under HPS lights or multi spectrum LED lights as one can't properly judge the colour of the plant under those colour temperatures. Photographing them with a flash at night or under natural light is fine.

• Members may post as many updated photos of the same plant as they want but the images must always contain the tag. Previous images of the same plant will then be made void

• Should the date tag hinder you from taking a decent photo you may post another photo of the same plant, without the tag, along with your tagged photo on the same date.



Plants will be judged on:


1. Their overall condition - Are they well fed. Do they display deficiencies. Are the leaves drooping. Are they infected with pests and/or mould

2. Their training technique - Regardless of what technique you used, even if there was none, was the growing technique put to practice efficiently and controlled well.

3. Size is irrelevant. Plants can be entered from seed to harvest.


Winners will receive a winners badge which will appear below their posts


Winners Badge



Snapshot Of The Month Rules


• Only images of your own creation please. If your entries are found to have been pulled from the internet your entry will be void.

• Members can enter a maximum of 5 images each. Images entered this month may not be entered in future competitions.

• Entries can be photographs or graphic designs.



Images will be judged on:


1. Overall originality -  What sets the image apart from others. 

2. Wow factor -  does the image get the user's attention.

3. Quality and clarity - Is the detail in the image decent. Is the photograph clear, well focused and not blurry.



Blunt Of The Month Rules


• For Blunt Of The Month a member can submit a maximum of 2 different joints for the month. Both entries will count.


Blunts will be judged on

1. The general craftiness of the joint. Are there any kinks? Limited layering. Size of the joint in relation to how well it was rolled.

2. Originality

3. Creativity

4. General Beauty




Nug Of The Month Rules


• A maximum of 3 buds can be entered per member for Nug Of The Month


Nugs will be judged on:


1. Density

2. Quality - Frostiness

3. How well manicured it was.

4. Size

5. General Beauty


Post Of The Month Rules

  • Your post can be a tutorial, guide, image, helpful post, story, your current grow...anything really, as long as it's interesting, original and most importantly your post.
  • No plagiarism or pulling posts from other forums or websites. Sure you can reference, but no copy & paste. It will be checked
  • Your post can be on any topic in the forum or it can be a topic of its own
  • Please just leave a #POTM at the end of your post

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