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Sacred Seeds

Sacred Seeds 1st Birthday Promo

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Spend R420 or more on any of our products (excluding Postnet & Courier fee) and use the coupon "SacredSeeds1stBirthday" to get 20% off. You will automatically be entered into #SacredSeeds1stBirthday giveaway to stand a chance to win.
Total prizes to the value of R8573.00. 

Fast Buds 1st Prize to the value of R3755.00
Dutch Passion 2nd Prize to the value of R2550.00
Seedsman 3rd Prize to the value of R1260.00
Seedsman 4th Prize to the value of R630.00
Mixed Breeders 5th Prize to the value of R378.00

The promotion starts 10 October 2019 at 19:10 and ends after 420 hours on 7 November 2019 at 07:10

1st Prize Fast Buds Hamper:
Cap x 1
White Tshirt x 1
Pin x 1
Stickers x 5
Blackberry Auto 5 Pack
Green Crack Auto 5 Pack
Gorilla Glue Auto 5 Pack

2nd Prize Dutch Passion Hamper:
Auto Brooklyn Sunrise 3 Pack 
Auto Blackberry Kush 3 Pack 
Auto Daiquiri Lime 3 Pack 
Auto Euforia 3 Pack 
Pot Labels x 50

3rd Prize Seedsman Hamper:
OG Kush Auto 5 Pack
White Widow Feminised 5 Pack
Stickers x10

4th Prize Seedsman Hamper:
Lemon Auto 3 Pack 
Badazz OG Cheese Feminised 3 Pack 
Stickers x5

5th Prize Mixed Breeder Hamper:
Seedsman Northern Soul Feminised 1 Pack 
RQS Critical Feminised 1 Pack 
GreenHouse Seed Co. Pure Kush 1 Pack 
Seedsman Stickers x3





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