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Cannabist Super Soil

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@Cannabist we're seeing a wave of super soils hitting the market at the moment. Which is great.

Tell us about yours... is it inspired by any mixes abroad? What should one expect when it comes to feeding with your soil?


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Hey @420SA

We originally started growing a few years back with a variant of SubCools super soil, similar to the recipe in the below video. Some strains took really well to it, others didn't and it was a bit too harsh. This article sums up some really good points from the original recipe - https://buildasoil.com/blogs/news/12533881-whats-so-cool-about-super-soil-the-super-soil-recipe-breakdow.

Summed up, we took majority of the most popular mixes out there - there are so many 🙂 and they keep evolving, compared and refined over the years to find the best all rounder mix that worked for us.

When you want to commercialism a product, cost really plays a big part hence we had to further refine to what products are readily available in South Africa.

Ultimately we have refined our mix to a very good all rounder, tailored to what we have found works well for all the strains we have tested.

In terms of feeding, you can expect a very good yield without having to top-dress - The mix is aimed at new/hobby growers, enabling people to grow with the least amount of effort and problems - just good old fashioned healthy plants. However a few mates that we used to mix for before starting cannabist.co.za did feed with nutes, we have as well. If you do, start off week and your plants will guide you 🙂

For those that would like to check out our soils, we only mix up a seedling starter soil and then a hot mix (Super soil):


We need to update the descriptors on the site, just hectic atm. We'll get there, thanks for the interest.



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