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Indoor Growoff 2019 Information

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Here is all you need to know about 420SA's first ever Indoor Growoff

The Seeds

This year Totemic Genetics has very kindly offered to sponsor his Chocolope seeds. Of no charge to you. Each grower will be given 6 regular seeds to grow out. 

Totemic is based in Cape Town and so are our two moderators so we have arranged a collection process for growers in the Cape to collect their from our moderators. Growers in the rest of South Africa can obtain their free beans by means of an online order through a reputable online store which will be disclosed by PM. Once you have signed up HERE you will be contacted via PM about the next step you'll need to take.

How Will the Growoff Work?

From 6 regular seeds each grower will need to choose one female which they will compete with till harvest. You'll need to run a diary, under the Growoff Diaries board, which needs to be updated weekly, at least. 

CLICK HERE to see the detailed rules and guidelines on the growoff and how to run your diary.

The Dates

Starting Date (Seed Drop): 25 May 2019

Seed Drop Deadline: 10 June 2019

Harvest Deadline: 31 October 2019

Judging Panel

The judges will be:

  • Myself
  • Totemic Genetics
  • Green Leaf Organics


This year's Indoor Growoff Sponsors























Best overall Plant

1st place - 120 x 70 x 165 Magic Garden Grow Tent | Indoor Growoff 2019 Trophy Sponsored by Greenthumb Hydroponics & 420SA

2nd Place - 3 x 30L Bags of Green Leaf Organics Living Soil | A3 Canvas Print Sponsored by Green Leaf Organics

3rd Place - 420 or 710 King Size Mystery Box Sponsored by TheHighCo.


Best Trained Plant

1st PlaceComplete Blumat System for 2 pots Sponsored by Sustainable Village SA


Best Organic Grow

1st place - 30L Bag Organics Matter Living Soil | 30L Bag of Organics Matter Vermicompost | 1L Fulvic Acid Powder | 1L EM Pro Soil | 1 tub 200ml Mycroot Sponsored by Organics Matter

2nd Place - 1L Mycorrhizal Fungi (Granules) | 1L Phylosphere | 1L Blackstrap Molasses | 200g Bio-Insek Sponsored by Jamies Garden Shop


Best Hydroponic Grow

1st Place -  General Hydroponics 500ml Tripack | Grohydro T-Shirt & Cap Sponsored by GroHydro


Highest THC Content

1st Place - GSR Breeder Pack, GSR T-Shirt & Scarf, GSR Rizla Sponsored by Green Smoke Room


Good luck to all taking part!

May the best plant win :-meditate





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