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  1. Sorry I didn't get back to you. I have ordered new. Sorry to dick you around.
  2. Stoked to see Petr again this weekend.
  3. Make your own. Steel wire rope and a crimping set of sorts.
  4. Not my idea. I saw it at a smaller commercial grow earlier this year.
  5. Add to this a desired length of airline tubing used in aquariums(fits perfect on 50ml and 60ml syringes). Draw the nutes into the syringe, remove the airline tube while still in the nutrients container so not to mess the additional contents in the tube. Quick, easy, accurate and clean.
  6. This is the stuff we use in our lab environment. It's quite an initial outlay, but I doubt you will ever need to buy another bottle. Kills shit dead. http://healthandhygiene.co.za/f10-sc-veterinary-disinfectant-product-information/
  7. Damn! serious commitment! Keep at it dude.
  8. Hey Evan, Hows the training going?
  9. Okay cool, I will run the Pink Kush with the next lot.
  10. You included some Skunk No1 seed with the book purchase I made earlier in the year. Where are they from?
  11. Sleg luck, dude. Your work is looking great!
  12. These plants are looking great! If I may ask, why do you allow the roots to be exposed on the surface as above?
  13. Sorry for the delayed reply. I believe you can add it to the solution you intend spraying.
  14. You can use a weak Sunlight soap solution. I'm not sure on dilution ration, cant be more than a few drops per ltr.
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