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  1. Nice! I must say I did not expect it to look like that. Grew a mango plant, but was a pistil heavy plant. How long did it grow from seed?
  2. Hey, how's it growing over here?
  3. Could be achieved with Colchicine. It might grow awesome, bushy as if fimmed, or awful, slow and squashed as if awfully crimped/fim. If that seed is natural, it is extremely rare, it could affect offspring but might be infertile even. Just interesting overall. I do hope you update once in a while, I am very interested to see how this pans out. Best of luck! ...Oh this is ancient.
  4. I will be picking the best pheno, or, the pheno with the feature fitting the description of what I want best. Then I will call it what I want, because that is how I personally believe it is done.
  5. Hahaha, the smell was all roses. But because it was grown between society garlic. The magics of companion plants and terpenes happened.
  6. https://imgur.com/a/b7MlJX2 Homegrown bag seed. Tastes like, roses, coffee and garlic. Very strong, to people with lower tolerance than me. This is a strain I wish to stabilize in the future, super unique.
  7. Nice, I only wash if I feel I need to. But I do it, and in some cases, very essential.
  8. Hey there, I am impressed with the resulting plant, it looks fantastic, I am in the midst of breeding. And I am aiming for plants with similar structure. So imo, job done perfectly! Best of luck with the grow, I hope to be able to follow it.
  9. Yo, I am a grower in SA. Been wanting to grow since I was about 14, also been collecting seeds since then(growing some 5-6 year old seeds atm, oldest I have left). I am interested in breeding, to say the least. Would link my grow on growdiaries, but not sure if that is allowed.
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