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    Black Sugar Rose,2xTangie (Autos),Critical,OG Kush,Cheese,Pineapple Chunk,Sunmango,Blueberry
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    Hps/Mh or CFL and The Sun
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    Any Cheese
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    400w mh/400w hps
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    Indoors and Outdoors
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    Joint/Blunt Only

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  1. Well im officially out of chronic....so depressing. *text removed*

  2. My one mate has one.Was definitely worth the price tag lol.Pricey but top shelf quality led. Not sure if youve been growing a while but this is more for the serious all out gents.If im not mistaken he bought it from hydroherbafrica.co.za
  3. i think its light burn especially because you say its mostly the leaves facing the light.ease up on the power or range
  4. you talking bout the yellow edges or am I missing something?
  5. If it doesnt pop, biltong and budz will replace your gorilla glue btw. you'll just have to pay postage again
  6. Dont know about you guys...but my Chocolope tastes so sweet,so nice. Definitely some of the sweetest tasting weed I've smoked and by far the best sativa I've grown.

  7. monument primary krugersdorp
  8. Lol the plot thickens.....anyways go to the shop.People are screaming at each other.Some other chick slams the door and storms out of the shop with some sort of certificate or document.There are customers about to go in...Then some dodgey looking guy comes outta the shop.Take it his the manager of that branch or wateva....lol I voice recordered most of the convo(I should be a PI )....the other chick that works at the desk is definitely not the brightest star in the sky.The one customer asked about what the fight was about,she replied the "indoor",which raised my suspicion initially because now the indoor is shit and looks more like outdoor. Apparetly they sold out of the nice indoor which I reckon is bs judging from the confrontation in the shop.
  9. Ill see if I can take some pics later and let the gents decide lol...I forgot to mention.This chick that was working at the shop was with her little kid(probably like 5 or 6).I dont have kids but even I can say thats not right...But yes I think they are fronting Cannapax under other names etc
  10. Zero Veg,Planted before winter,3 weeks stunt...not bad.This bish is smelling great.Seems the Roses are heavy feeders...
  11. Lol random update but I was at the corner cafe where I live Jhb and some women was like do I smoke weed?I was like ok cool,maybe she heard about me etc.Turns out they selling weed right next door to the cafe under Natural Health Remedies cc .Anyways I go in and its the Cannapax pricing and lists etc.Theres a letter on the wall from Russell with their traditional healers license.They are literally selling right opposite a very popular primary school...I saw their indoor,they gave me a free sample cause im sketch obviously and it wasn't bad.R130@gram.(5g@R600).Anyways a mate of mine wanted to buy a 5g this morning and all of a sudden no stock lol.They seem to be moving stock around the whole time,not reliable.Doubt they going to be around much longer but yeah just thought Id let you know
  12. Just btw B&B replaced my dud seeds.OG Kush ,SoMango,Pineapple Chunk,Critical sprouted(week1 fems),seeds replaced(Grapefruit,Blueberry and Cheese) no problem.just had to pay postage.
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