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  1. R2298/R150 a g(im talking chronic) gives you 15gs right now.Now you must spend that and still wait 2 months which is optimistic at best for 30gs? Plus you probably going to be buying anyways until they harvest for you so,so imo its a waste .just my 2c lol
  2. Either way,theres too many variables,too many sketchy people tryna make quick money etc atm for me to even remotely take these okes seriously.Plus people have been bust and shops shutdown for less.And imagine shit goes down and the saps have all customer debit order records etc etc.The concept is great,but they mustn't think that they are the only ones with that concept.
  3. Just so you can see what the Chocolope looks like.Buds taste delicious,very potent sativa that works fast bro

  4. Lol I'd grow the gents autos which I can have ready in 2 months....what if you give them a heavy long flowering sativa that can take 5 months?you gona wait half a year for ganja?and in the meantime you going to be buying anyway?too many variables, sounds like ppl wana cash in on people that don't have much knowledge of cannabis in general.
  5. It seems like the government,saps and like 90%of S.A.have no clue about what's going with weed here atm...lol I love the confusion,my dank just keeps on rolling bby
  6. Lol amazing how they label the shit cheese,blue cheese .then they open that shitty 10 g bag and you smell fuck all lol
  7. Smoked a blunt outside the krugersdorp cannapax....was like a funeral RIP Jut smokers lol
  8. Alternatively you can get some ph test with ph up and down pretty cheap from hydroponics.co.za
  9. Wsup guys,glad to be apart of the familia.
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