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    Loving the entries this month... The small characters are killing me, lol. Sent from my POCOPHONE F1 using Tapatalk
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    Entry #3 Had to get in the special forces for help me train this two headed monster.
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    @TheUltimateNoob so I have some 3000K normal QB288's with LM301B diodes then I have some which are 3000K with LM301B diodes and some red diodes which I think are LM351H diodes. Honestly I do not notice any difference between the two, the amount of red in 3000k I feel is sufficient and I do not see much of a need for the extra red diodes. Also after watching a MiGro video about UV light, I feel that UV LED's are a waste and more marketing than anything else. EDIT: I would also not purchase from that Onlinegrowshop, this is based on what another member (cannot remember who) had posted with regards to what they use as heatsinks and the type of drivers they use etc.
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    shite... meant @BigBudD , thanks, and apologies. lol
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    This time of the year you have to veg inside for at least 4 to 6 weeks. Then you can pop it outside to flower. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
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    For a 60 x 60 area I would grow an autoflower under a Mars TS-600, which is R2 900 at the moment with the standard 3 year local warranty fulfilled in Cape Town. Thanks @CreX
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    Yeah, I'm aware of the difference between the 301b and h variant. My red diodes are Samsung lm351h diodes, not epistar or cree. 3000k already has a lot of red, adding extra red with 660nm diodes - not sure how much if a difference it actually makes to the plants to be honest. I have not noticed much / any, I guess it may also depend on how many 660nm diodes you have, differences are likely negligible. If you UV I agree with rather adding some fluorescent tubes or similar, I'd say consider ordering from Amazon or goto a pet store / reptile store and see what you can find. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
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    Hi everyone. The lockdown got me growing my own bud. my entry #1 is my DIY Lockdown Growbox (this is motivation for why i need that Dark Propagator 60 lol)
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    It looks good. I would not be to worried this late into flower. As long as the upper leaves dont yellow. Take off the leaves as they go completely yellow.
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    Allot of @Totemic genetics being grown this winter.... I enjoy watching different people growing the same strain... very informative... Do you have a thread on the little one?
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    Winter Outdoor grow in progress with Totemic Genetics have a Choco NL and Bubbleberry going. Hoping for a successful winter grow. Helps being on lockdown, constantly moving the babies to better sunny spots.
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    There are a ton of guys here with way better info and sources lol. @PsyCLown do you have any input here? @Master_G, you mentioned your lights in another thread @SkunkPharm, what do you think man? @Aeradix, what have you got inline with a 3k budget bro? lets see what these guys can do for you.... Guaranteed success 👌
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    What's uuuuup! Welcome mate!! What kind of grow are you looking to set up? Indoor outdoor? Give us some pointers about it and I'm sure we can point you in the right direction! When do you think you will be up and running 😁👍
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    Black Cherry Haze. This is the work of a private horticulturalis friend of mine. Some mad scientist stuff happening quietly in Kzn.
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    take my word for it when i say that i have done the ghetto cab, i mean ghetto bro, dynamat stuck on cupboard doors, car sunshields attached with pegs and prestik and an abortion of a cfl array hanging from a coat rail and waving in the wind, shit i thought blue led fans would add spectrum ffs...dont do it! what you have there is a techicolour biltong dryer. there is no cheap way to grow indoors, even a micro cab needs a little more than gathered random lights and the kindness of forum members to spoon feed you through the first weeks and frankly you are really just jerking your own chain wasting months and units growing puny, underdeveloped bud that will probably last as long as the average joint. again, im speaking from personal (30g yield for 6 months) experience, if lights looks like this, the next thing up is budget nutes from builders, pH lockouts, deficiencies...pain, expense, frustration and ultimately wasted time that could have yielded you actual bud. with all due respect, take what you have learned so far, invest time and a little money into doing this properly. read the forum, learn how search works and grow something worth your time
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