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420SA Forum Rules

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Thanks for taking the time to read our forum rules. It's worth your time and ensures that everyone remains safe when browsing and using 420SA


General Rules


1. Now that laws have changed. It is no longer a necessity to keep your personal details private however we would still suggest revealing as little as possible from a general privacy point of view


2. Please do not in any way spam or advertise your business through our forum other than through our marketing banners. Blatant promotion from members is also not allowed.


3. Spammers will be removed with immediate effect. If your material is totally irrelevant on a regular basis you will be removed. If a member is spamming your PM inbox please inform the forum admin by PM immediately.


4. Hate speech of any kind is not accepted on 420SA. If you have nothing positive or productive to add please do not post then. 


5. It is best for your safety to remain anonymous with the members of this forum. However should you wish to do so by private messaging we strongly advise that you make sure you are doing the right thing.


6. The sale of cannabis in any form whatsoever through this website is Strictly Prohibited. Any posts pertaining to the sale of cannabis, seeds, clones or any other illegal substances are not allowed.  We support growers who grow for personal & medicinal use. Dealers are not welcome.


7. We ask that you please Introduce Yourself in the allocated board. This is purely a courteous measure.


8. Lets keep this forum clean together. Should you spot spam or any posts you consider to have breached the forum's rules, please report the post by clicking Report to Moderator at the bottom right side of the post.


9. Post count boosting will not be allowed. Should it appear obvious that you are trying to boost your post count those posts will be removed.


10. 420SA, it's administrators and moderators reserve the right to edit or remove posts should they see the necessity to do so.  We also reserve the right to ban any users who don't abide by the forum rules.


11. We do not support the discussion of illegal activities . Any posts pertaining to illegal activities will be removed.




1. Please only post images of relevance. Explicit images will be removed and you will be warned or banned.


2. Make sure you don't post pictures that in any way would reveal your location. Ensure that geotagging isn't enabled on your phone or camera.


Personal Details that we suggest must not be shared


•Your Address

•Your contact numbers

•Places you frequently hang out at


Personal Details that can be shared


•First Name

•Your province

•Your city

•Your Age

•Your Gender



Board Unlocking




Seed Exchange


The exchanging of seeds is not allowed on the public forums of 420SA but there is a private area that you can gain access to should you have a minimum of 30 posts on the forum. Once you have gained 30 posts please PM the forum admin @420SA to request access to the Seed Exchange board




Rules For Businesses & Marketing


  • Businesses may not advertise on the forum without having followed the necessary advertising channels.
  • Businesses may sign up with a profile under their business name but may not advertise or post links to their website and/or social pages on their profiles. Business profiles are allowed to provide support to customers on this forum or address complaints by customers on this forum. Should you wish to place website links in your signature and/or in your posts please contact the site admin by email or by sending me a Private Message on this forum.
  • Excessive posting for no reason under a business profile will also not be allowed. This also applies to business profiles with links in their profile.


If you have any further questions regarding rules please reply to this post.


Happy connecting! :)

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Guest shadowassasin

hello read and understood thanks

for haveing me

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Guest shadows


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It's really just normal and necessary rules, nothing surprising. But I am glad I read it. I get that you wouldn't want spammers and such, but I think there's room for growth and adaptation, one thing I really like about Cannabis Club is the online shopping portal they have where you can buy from our local seedbanks through the site's portal, it a feature I would really love for the administrator to look into. But I think the seed exchange is also great and I'd love to take part in it when I harvest my first, should the males polinate or whatever.


For anything to work properly, rules need to be adhered to and I'm glad that there seems to be a clear goal on creating a safe space for us on here.


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2 hours ago, Bainman said:

Is my email address private?

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