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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys new grower here my plant still having some issues at the moment it's the start of week 4 lsd auto 25 but she still not happy ppm was 300 upped it to 407 yesterday growing in DWC pH is at 6 her bottem leaves are dark green top leaves or new growth is abit pale and brown spots appering on bottem leaves again not sure if I should up the ppm to 500 or wait abit I know in the early days I was under feeding alot since then upped the feed but I'm not sure if it's enough oh yes growing under 600w LEDs distance to plant top about 70 cm Any help will be very much appreciated 🙂🙂🙂 or advice to fix this problem
  2. Hey all, I know there's been a few cases already of people with yellowing leaves, particularly too early on into flowering. So I wanted to try sort my situation out before it gets too bad if needed As of now, there's two big fan leaves that are yellowing and about three or so smaller leaves yellowing as well: I've also noticed that the centre of the leaves are a bit purple, not sure if that's trait of the strain (good old bagseed for my first grow) I've only been feeding with Seagro and molasses. Nothing specifically for bloom, could this be an issue? or does Seagrow have enough nutes to see me through? Seagro's ingredients: I know yellowing indicates an N deficiency, but there's more N than anything else in Seagro. Could this be normal yellowing, or does it look like a deficiency? Appreciate any advice (or criticism)
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