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    Heyo, It is me... The Anxious Stoner

    Hey fellow stoners. I finished a new blog post. Its up on my home page if you scroll to the bottom if anyone wants to take a squizz.
  2. theanxiousstoner

    Reputable Seedbanks

    Nice to see you got seeds to CT successfully Toby, To anyone wanting to get seeds into SA I highly suggest getting them sent to someone you know in Johannesburg or Eastern Part of the country so they do not go through cape mail customs. (You can then get them forwarded to CT via overnight, Pick n Pay Amerex being the safest and most reliable I have found) Josi customs seems to be way more relaxed on incoming mail.
  3. theanxiousstoner

    Cape Town man arrested for having cannabis oil

    I hope they don't come for me. But this is why I only keep a max of 10g of oil/weed in my house. Sad.
  4. It is really crazy how people can spray fields with poisons every year knowing full well the people will still harvest those poisons. :/
  5. theanxiousstoner

    Medicinal cannabis gets the go-ahead - IOL

    Is this new, news? Or old from late last year? I cannot find anything new on the mercury
  6. theanxiousstoner

    Heyo, It is me... The Anxious Stoner

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I look forward to providing some good local content. I got warned for linking to my blog so next time I finish an article I am just going to say so here in this thread and anyone interested can check in on my website (link in first post)
  7. theanxiousstoner

    Dagga a step closer to being legalised in SA

    The sooner dagga and medical marijuana is legalized in South Africa the better. Good news is coming, albeit slowly.
  8. theanxiousstoner

    Heyo, It is me... The Anxious Stoner

    Hey Everyone! Love the forum... Been a lurker for a little while. I have been writing for a cannabis website in the states for a year now and figure it is high time I bring some of my knowledge and skill to SA. I live in Cape Town and smoke weed for Anxiety and ADHD. I mainly write for 420smokers.us but have started my very own little blog this week called The Anxious Stoner .. I hope to get more involved in the forum and help clear up the misconceptions a lot of South Africans have towards Dagga. Thanks for the welcome in advanced. :D