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  1. Dank


    Awesome @Doug , I must say the Sativa flowering times are getting super fast, 60 - 75 days flowering, I see Leafly has it listed as a pure sativa. Must have some indica in it though from the Skunk #1 i think. This review of Lemon Pie on Leafly. Lol "This is good stuff. Lately my tolerance has been through the roof but this one had me feeling exremely happy and incredibly horny. Slight citrus flavor with some sweetness but it's kinda tough to nail down. It'd be wonderful if this one stayed around here for a while because I'd definitely buy it again when I run out which looks like that'll be real soon because this is really good."
  2. Dank

    Defective Plant?

    Eish ja smellin like leaves is not good. From the pictures the sickly plant looks like it could have experienced some lockout, massive difference between the plants. I have no idea to be honest, not sure if it is a genetic thing or like you say, a sickly plant. You could email Dutch Passion with the pictures and ask them for their opinion. I'm sure some members here at 420SA will know the cause, did you grow in coco mix with nutes? I saw on another thread that the guys advise a runoff of about 5.8 - 6.0 if i remember correctly, for Coco/perlie mixes.
  3. Dank


    High and welcome to the 420SA forum @Doug Picture of the Sour D looks super goood, how is that Lemon Pie, never had the pleasure of tasting it yet! Blessings
  4. Dank

    Defective Plant?

    Very interesting @BosKoning , it could possibly be a genetic thing, more picture would be cool, did the sickly plant continue to create leaves like this? When breeding Blueberry, some growers say that a person must look for the "mutant", variegated or deformed leaves. These plants usually have terrible yield, but serious tastes and effects. I still find it hard to select plants with "mutant" traits for breeding stock. How is the aroma and flavor difference between the two plants? Any difference in the high? This is all assuming the growing conditions are good and there is no "hot soil", as that can also cause leaves to deform. This is just my opinion, most likely a bit off base!
  5. Received my order today, the glass nectar collector was very nicely packaged and arrived 100% in tact. The glassware is very nice, excellent quality and craftsmanship. I made a mistake with my order, but the support team answered and assisted me very quickly. Very happy with my purchase. Recommended. Stay Lit 420SA!
  6. Dank


    Lekker morning tunes
  7. Looks very nice man, nice to see Dutch Passion still rolling out the goood. Be sure to ask the guys here at 420SA if you need any advice, not that you need much by looks of it. Drop some bud shots of that beauty when she is all cured up! Take it easy @BosKoning
  8. Welcome @BosKoning , bud looks dank as hell, well done Is that some GirlScoutCookies there, looks a bit like her, very sexy.
  9. Here is another few nuggies, outdoor grown. BlueBerry Kush (Blueberry x Hindu Kush) x KushCookies (Afghani x GirlScoutCookies) - F1 This is the Orange/Apricot (Citrus) pheno. AKA - Appelkoos konfyt . Will start a inbred line from this specific plant, on the tongue orangy sherbert taste.
  10. Dank


    Here is the remix with HipHop/Rap.
  11. Dank


    No fuss bro, I'm also a newb here at this forum. Don't buy any water, chlorine evaporates out of the tap water and @Totemic says no problem so I would really listen to them. I have abundance of rain, boorgat and river water, perhaps why i think its crazy giving municipal water to plants. Honestly though, listen to @Totemic and @420SA , regarding this matter, I am a organic soil grower. Buying water also just sounds very wrong.
  12. Dank


    Actually trying to help, I am not sure ALL OF SA's water is the same as the water you get? Or is it, our municipalities function at such a high standard. There is also this, I am by no means a expert but, correct the experts if they are wrong. Chlorine and Chloramines The most common issue regarding tap water and hydroponics is chlorine. Many growers don’t realize that chlorine is a micronutrient required by plants. The quantity they need is extremely minimal, though, so you do not ever need to add any. Most growers add chlorine without realizing it, since it is already in tap water—this is a rookie mistake. Because plants can absorb this micronutrient, they take in far too much from unfiltered tap water. The result is diminished growth. Root health is also disturbed by chlorine; beneficial bacteria and fungi are quickly killed off by this bleach-y element. The microflora and microfauna living in the root zone are key to high yields and healthy vigor—without bacteria, organic nutrients would be unavailable to roots. Don’t let chlorine kill the good guys! Chloramines are chemical compounds of ammonia and chlorine that are also often used as municipal water supply sanitizers. Chloramines do not evaporate from water the way chlorine does and many water filters that remove chlorine cannot remove chloramine. The effects of chloramine on your garden are even more detrimental than chlorine. - maximumyield.com/tap-water-and-its-impact-on-hydroponic-nutrients-and-supplements/2/959 -
  13. Dank


    Wow, I must say I don't think I would ever see anybody advising to give chlorinated water to plants, it is also fine to drink the chlorinated water out of a tap, doesn't mean your intestinal flora will be happy about it. To each their own, de-chlorinated water will still be sterile, in my opinion, even if you are growing hydro, why go ahead and kill the rhizosphere around the roots every day. Oh yeh the salts, hydro. "The rhizosphere is the narrow region of soil that is directly influenced by root secretions, and associated soil microorganisms known as the root microbiome." Just my 2 cents.
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