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  1. noobymacdooby

    Purchase and Sale

    Until they make the actual legislation the only legal thing is possession and growing in a "private space". Anything else and you're pushing your luck, luck which comes in the form of a cops discretion. They can almost make up any story declare you a dealer and smash your plants up. Even if you get the bogus charges dropped they'l have messed up your plants and broken equipment. You can sue them for it though, heard of a case where the cops had to return and pay for repairs on a machine used to make mandrax because they messed up the case... Have to just hurry up and wait for them to get the laws ready. Also that superlogic from the dagga couple...eish
  2. Yeah also keep in mind if the cops find any other illegal drugs they can try make a case of dealing against you. So this guy could've had a gram of coke on him and that would be enough to make a case. In court the accused can then call BS on that but in the mean time you get locked up and your stuff taken. https://www.gov.za/sites/default/files/a140_1992.pdf on page 11 section 21 I highly (pun intended) advise reading up on the drug dealing / trafficking laws so you cant get screwed by the cops.
  3. noobymacdooby

    Black Friday Madness!!

    Yeah also chiming in to say I've had nothing but great service from Growguru and offering 25% off all of your stock is a great deal for the consumer and most likely a loss for them.
  4. noobymacdooby

    Lights from Amazon

    I'm also doing it as a hobby too....turns out an expensive hobby though. 🤣 Try a bit of googling, I've seen some posts on forums of guys testing cheap options like these
  5. noobymacdooby

    Lights from Amazon

    Those are crappy old tech LEDs. If you want LED grow lights your best price / option is to buy from growopz or build your own using quality cobs or quantum boards. You can grow under almost any LED but if you want sizable, dense frosty nugs you'l need the newest tech to do so and it's going to cost money. Cheap LEDS are only good for seedlings and clones in veg. You can grow full plants in veg but they will grow much slower under those floodlights than cobs or quantum boards. With LED the idea is that its costly upfront but saves you money over time with electricity costs and bulb replacements @Batista lumen ratings aren't an indication of usefulness for growing, you want ppfd or umol j
  6. noobymacdooby


    Yeah mate had similar issues with runts and one seed had those white larvea in it that chowed the seed from the inside. So far only 8 of 12 seeds popped....pretty bad rate at that price.
  7. noobymacdooby

    Organics Matter - Organic Growing Quiz

    Really? well all my info shows it used for 2 things but hey Nooby is the name.
  8. noobymacdooby

    Organics Matter - Organic Growing Quiz

    One of the questions has multiple answers but only one of them is seen as correct, it's question 11 but I take it you can only have one answer because of how the quiz works.
  9. noobymacdooby

    Planning First Outdoor Grow

    I bought some really nice peatmoss from here: http://www.ghtech.co.za/ The TS1 fine is the one that is good for weed and its 200l for R380 to R450 depending on the place you buy from. It's goes a long way too.
  10. noobymacdooby

    Not out of the woods yet

    Dealing and selling is 2 separate issues under the law and the CC ruling said nothing about forms of consumption so arguing for oil could be tricky. Dealing is a sneaky one though because everything from transporting to possession to even just giving someone weed can be classified as dealing. Before if you lived within a 100m of a school and you have weed (regardless of amount) that was dealing too. Wonder how that works now? Once legislation is in place you could sue for damage if the cops messed up your stash and it was legit. Some mandrax makers successfully sued the cops for damage and made them return the pill making machine so.... The big issue is that the CC said it's at the cops discretion so they can just make shit up. Looks like its going to be the wild west out there until new laws are in place. Stay safe
  11. noobymacdooby

    Not out of the woods yet

    https://www.iol.co.za/news/opinion/a-joint-can-still-land-you-in-the-joint-17515034 pertinent bit: |"Jeremy Acton, co-complainant with Prince and founder of the Dagga Party, has also kept track of arrests since the ruling. According to Acton, two men were recently arrested in their homes in Cape Town for possession of 1kg of cannabis. On October 11, Erik Vorster was arrested in his home at Wilderness, in the Western Cape. Vorster was growing 16 plants in his garden and had a further 177g of dry cannabis in his possession. The police charged him with dealing. A case in point is Charmaine Wendy Sinclair’s arrest on September 21, three days after the ruling. The police deemed the 470g in her possession an illegal amount." Currently the law on dealing states over 120g's is dealing so looks like the cops are sticking to that
  12. noobymacdooby

    Extraction sub-forums

    The cheapest is way to find a 2nd hand hair iron with a temp gauge and a builder's clamp. Then take all your larf and small buds and burn the crap out of them until you find the right settings After that you ready to go to rosin town.
  13. noobymacdooby

    decriminalisation - weed in my car?

    Man it's so confusing right now because transportation of weed can still be deemed dealing so does it have to fit in my pocket or be in my pocket when driving? Not even sure if a car counts as a private space? And what if the airline's policy is no "drugs" onboard, does that infringe on this ruling? I'm allowed to own a fire extinguisher but I can't bring one on a plane because of their rules....gonna be a long 2 years
  14. noobymacdooby

    decriminalisation - weed in my car?

    Has the travel part been confirmed? That would be a pretty big one too
  15. mmm...thing is if a bunch of people join the class action lawsuit and their previous conviction was dealing how will that affect it? Or did they specify that it was for cases of possession? Also the state can argue that until proper legislation is made they cannot say what was possession and what was intent to deal.