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    Extraction sub-forums

    The cheapest is way to find a 2nd hand hair iron with a temp gauge and a builder's clamp. Then take all your larf and small buds and burn the crap out of them until you find the right settings After that you ready to go to rosin town.
  2. noobymacdooby

    decriminalisation - weed in my car?

    Man it's so confusing right now because transportation of weed can still be deemed dealing so does it have to fit in my pocket or be in my pocket when driving? Not even sure if a car counts as a private space? And what if the airline's policy is no "drugs" onboard, does that infringe on this ruling? I'm allowed to own a fire extinguisher but I can't bring one on a plane because of their rules....gonna be a long 2 years
  3. noobymacdooby

    decriminalisation - weed in my car?

    Has the travel part been confirmed? That would be a pretty big one too
  4. mmm...thing is if a bunch of people join the class action lawsuit and their previous conviction was dealing how will that affect it? Or did they specify that it was for cases of possession? Also the state can argue that until proper legislation is made they cannot say what was possession and what was intent to deal.
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    Whatsup with the hate?

    That might still be a no because the ruling doesnt apply to dealing which is what seed sales fall under.
  6. noobymacdooby

    Whatsup with the hate?

    Ok makes sense...gotta import shiz with lower import duties maybe? lols Guess its pros and cons vs buying from the overseas banks yourself.
  7. noobymacdooby

    Whatsup with the hate?

    Import taxes on seeds?? How does that work? Thought it wasnt legal to bring in seeds so how are they being taxed?
  8. noobymacdooby


    Lols yeah man the paranoia aint from the weed though. And that Blaze guy is a tough cookie man not sure how you would lure him here.
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    thanks for the welcomes, was waaay to paranoid to post here before..... just stuck to overseas places to get lost in the crowd but now it should be cool.
  10. Yeah saw on twitter a lawyer asking about the previous convictions and sounds like something should be able to be done, just dont know what. You might need to go chat with a lawyer yourself. Maybe it will get addressed during legislation process. Another question was about minors getting caught with dagga and how the law would apply there. Early days it seems
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    Subject line says it all really...hoesit
  12. No the ruling stated it does not affect previous convictions so that sounds like another court case needing to happen